What is a OneCard?

The official Saint Peter’s University campus identification card is called the OneCard. All members of the university (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) are expected to carry their OneCard at all times to gain access to campus buildings and for identification purposes.

Once your OneCard has been printed, we will release your new OneCard to you (pending verification of a government-issued form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID).

Types of Access:

  • As a student, your OneCard access will be based on your registration. You will have access to campus buildings from the first day of the term through the last day of the term. Once the term has ended, your building access will also end. To avoid a lapse in your building access you should register for the next term before the current term concludes.
  • As an employee, your OneCard access will remain active as long as your employment is active. Access will conclude if employment is terminated.
  • As an alumni, you will be able to access the O’Toole library and the Yanitelli Recreational Center. Recent graduates, are entitled to one free replacement OneCard to change your classification from “STUDENT” to “ALUMNI”.

Do not store your OneCard near your cellphone or credit cards. This may cause damage to the proximity sensor, which will then damage the card. Do not puncture or alter the card in any way. If the card is damaged or lost there is a $15 Replacement Fee to obtain a new card. Visit this link for a Replacement OneCard Request.

New to Saint Peter’s?

New students are eligible to obtain a OneCard 10 days prior to the start of the term. Complete this form to start the process and upload your photo, today New OneCard Request.

Electronic submissions must adhere to United States passport guidelines. Please see the guidelines and sample photos.


  • Take your photo with a good quality camera.
  • Choose a light-colored, plain background.
  • Look directly into the camera.
  • Take the photo in color without the use of filters or other image manipulation options other than red-eye reduction.
  • Smile naturally. Photos with unusual expressions will not be accepted.
  • Use appropriate lighting. Photos with shading on the face or shoulders will not be accepted.


  • Include any other people in your photo. It must be a clear, quality image of your head and shoulders only.
  • Crop candid photos. You should take a new photo specifically for One Card submission.
  • Wear a hat or head covering unless you wear it daily for religious purposes.
  • Wear sunglasses or other eyewear that you do not normally wear for vision correction purposes.
  • Send photos that do not represent your current appearance.
  • Scan photos or take pictures of printed photos. The image quality will not be sufficient.

For more information about where you can use your card, please click on services.  Are you looking to put funds onto your OneCard online?  Click on deposits.