New Cards

You can now submit your ID photo electronically! Just follow the guidelines below and email your photo to us at

Photos submitted via email must adhere to United States passport guidelines. Please see the guidelines and sample photos.
  • Take your photo with a good quality camera. Most webcams and cell phones will not provide a useable image.
  • Choose a light-colored, plain background.
  • Look directly into the camera. 
  • Take the photo in color without the use of filters or other image manipulation options other than red-eye reduction.
  • Smile naturally. Photos with unusual expressions will not be accepted.
  • Use appropriate lighting. Photos with shading on the face or shoulders will not be accepted.
  • Include any other people in your photo. It must be a clear, quality image of your head and shoulders only.
  • Crop candid photos. You should take a new photo specifically for One Card submission. 
  • Wear a hat or head covering unless you wear it daily for religious purposes.
  • Wear sunglasses or other eyewear that you do not normally wear for vision correction purposes.
  • Send photos that do not represent your current appearance.
  • Scan photos or take pictures of printed photos. The image quality will not be sufficient.
If you would rather we take your photo, please visit the Enrollment Services Center on the Jersey City Campus during business hours.
Questions? Email us at