Cyber Security Center

About the Center

The Cybersecurity Center consists of:

(1) A 24/7 computer facility consisting of a virtual desktop infrastructure, virtual labs, test beds, operating systems, security software, and digital forensics toolkits.

(2) A 24/7 web portal knowledge repository that consists of cyber security documents, white papers, articles, software, and tools-kits that can be accessed anywhere around the world.

Technology for the Center will be obtained from vendors, grants, and University funding. It includes portals and web sites that provide real-time visualization/information on world-wide Cyber threats and attacks.

The Cyber Security Center is located on the Jersey City campus in Loyola Hall – Lab 13, and is managed and under the direction of the Chair of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. The Chair is responsible for the day-to-day activities and growth of the Center and for insuring the Cybersecurity Center remains in compliance with nationally recognized standards in Cyber Security research and education, and maintaining current certificates of compliance with those standards where such certificates exist and are applicable to the Center.

A Cyber Security Center Advisory Board has been established that consist of Subject Matter Experts, by industry, from regional and national-based businesses that report to the Chair. This Advisory Board meets to discuss cyber security curriculum, and the short term and long term direction and technology to be deployed in the Cyber Security Center.