The Center for Academic Success and Engagement

Academic Resources

There are MANY resources which will help you make the most of your academic career at Saint Peter’s University. These links can get you started.

Academic Success Program
In addition to running an annual Summer Academy the ASP program offers academic monitoring and counseling, workshops, events, an evening study program, and many other benefits for ASP students.

Academic Advising Center
The Center offers assistance with class scheduling, registration, course guidance and general academic questions.

CALL Center
The Center for Advancement in Language and Learning (CALL) provides tutors and supplemental academic instruction to Saint Peter’s University students. CALL employees train student tutors who maintain a high grade point average and are approved by a subject-area professor. Computers are available for student use.

Career Services
The Office of Career Services provides assistance to graduating seniors interested in full-time employment in their chosen field, as well as organizations seeking to employ our graduates. In addition, the Office provides students with career counseling services.

Co-Operative Education
The Cooperative Education Program provides assistance to students interested in gaining career and/or major related work experience, as well as organizations seeking to offer our students part-time or summer employment and internship opportunities.

EOF Program
Since its establishment in 1968, the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) has provided the opportunity for economically and academically disadvantaged students to attend college in New Jersey.

Graduate, Foreign and Professional Studies
Many of you are interested in getting your MBA, your medical or law degrees, or a Master’s or Ph.D. in your major. Well, this is the place that can help you get into graduate school and possibly get the money to go there!

Honors Program
As a small liberal arts college with a highly favorable faculty-student ratio, Saint Peter’s University affords a superb opportunity for creative academic experimentation and advancement. The Honors Program in particular provides the framework for curricular innovation and meaningful scholarly inquiry.

The Theresa and Edward O’Toole Library houses more than 230,000 volumes, several on-line databases, research tools and services. Research assistance is available. Computers are available for student use.

Special Needs Services
The University provides special accomodations for students with learning and/or physical disabilities.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad provides students with opportunities to broaden awareness of international issues, better understand global interdependence, gain an international perspective in their major, and/or develop proficiency in another language.

The Washington Center
The Saint Peter’s University Washington Center Internship Program offers qualified students the opportunity to work in Washington, DC as full-time, unpaid interns in programs related to their chosen major. Weekly academic seminars and lectures from prominent private and public sector leaders support these internships.