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What is Think 30?

Baccalaureate degree programs at Saint Peter’s University require 120 credits for degree conferral. We understand how much it cost students to earn a college degree, and we are dedicated to doing all we can to help students earn their college degree in four years. All students have to do is take 30 credits a year to graduate on time!

How to Think 30?

When meeting with an advisor to discuss class scheduling, be sure you are taking at least 15 credits a semester. You can also take courses during the winter and summer terms! It just has to add up to 30 credits for the entire year. However you split it up, it just has to equal 30.

Fall Spring Summer Winter
15 15 0 0 = 30
12 12 6 0 = 30
15 12 0 3 = 30
12 12 3 3 = 30

However you split it up, it just has to equal 30.

Why Think30? (PDF)

Why Think30? (PDF)

How to Save Money?

If you Think 30 and graduate in four years, you will save money by not paying extra tuition. You will also avoid taking on any more debt with student loans. Be sure to speak with financial aid about financing your college education, and determining what your best options are, as well as a career coach to make sure you are own the right track to your dream job!

How to Think Future?

If you Think 30, you will also start working and earning faster! Extra years of college can cost you thousands, both in what you pay and what you lose from not having a job. So, Thinking 30 saves you money and lets you make more! Be sure to connect with a career coach to start preparing for your dream job!