The Center for Academic Success and Engagement

What We Do

Vision Statement

Our vision is to foster a community of engaged, lifelong learners and enrich the academic experience of our students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower students to achieve their academic goals by employing innovative strategies that will develop productive academic habits.

  • Support students with the academic advising, programming, tools and resources to successfully manage the college experience and achieve their academic goals.
  • Assist students in developing and implementing an educational plan.
  • Teach students to use resources and relationships to maximize their educational and personal potential.
  • Connect students to faculty, peers and other campus partners that will create a network of academic support.
  • Coach new students through the transition to Saint Peter’s University.
  • Assist, support, and more closely monitor students with special needs and students on academic probation and suspension.
  • Serve as the central hub for the first-year academic experience through workshops, programs, peer mentorship, and faculty-supported advising.
  • Provide a contact point for students with disabilities to identify themselves, provide appropriate documentation, determine approved accommodations, and coordinate necessary academic accommodations and services.
  • Assist students with the adjustment to college-level work through the efforts of peer tutors and supplemental instruction leaders.
  • Offer students the opportunity to grow professionally and develop stronger leadership skills through mentor and tutoring positions.
  • Support students with any and all basic skills needs, beginning with the special summer program students and continuing into the academic year.
  • Facilitate students’ understanding of the material or concepts of courses they find particularly challenging and/or provide them with the academic coping skills they may need to accomplish this, such as methods of reading and using textbooks to best advantage, application of study and note-taking skills, test-taking strategies, and guidance through the research paper process.
  • Provide students, particularly first-year students, with their technological support and develop their essential technological skills such as conducting on-line research, utilizing class-related software, and using critical business software.