About CAPS

The counselors in Counseling and Psychological Services are available to support enrolled Saint Peter’s University students in their personal, professional, and educational growth. We are staffed by experienced, licensed clinicians trained to assist with a variety of issues commonly affecting college students. Our clinicians have worked with students presenting with stress, depression, anxiety, family/relationship difficulties, substance abuse, eating disorders, academic challenges, sexual assault, and various other concerns.

We are sensitive to ways that the pandemic may have affected peoples’ emotional/social growth overtime and support students in realizing their potential to have a fulfilling and successful college experience.

Counseling and Psychological ServicesCAPS offers students personal attention, through individual, couple or group counseling modalities. We also provide crisis intervention, case management and, when appropriate, referrals to other resources on and/or off campus. Additionally, CAPS provides workshops, presentations, a mental health & wellness library, discussion groups, and gatekeeper trainings to educate community members on mental health issues. Our office offers a supportive environment where confidentiality is maintained according to federal laws; please contact us if you would like further information.

CAPS takes an active role with the student population by sponsoring numerous educational programs, Health and Wellness fairs, and relaxation events, and also collaborates with campus partners on various other events and activities. Past programs included topics focused on: substance use, stress and time management, assertiveness training, relationship issues, study skills, anger management/conflict resolution, optimism and hope, resilience and grit, and communication skills. If there are additional workshops of interest please contact us.

Notice on Counseling Assessments CAPS policy is to complete mental health/substance use assessments for the sole purpose of developing a treatment plan with students seeking counseling services. Any evaluation for purposes other than treatment planning, such as academic or residential accommodations, emotional support or service animals, or for outside agencies (i.e. police academy, FBI, Peace Corp, probation, employment, court etc.) are referred to a third party provider. This policy is in place to maintain the functional independence and neutrality of the Center, which is critical for utilization of services. Any compromise could create a perception of distrust, and prevent students from seeking services.

What’s New in CAPS

CAPS clinicians provide services through two modalities of care as appropriate; in-person and teletherapy via a video conferencing platform called DOXY.me. For more information about teletherapy counseling services click here: CAPS Teletherapy Services

Hours: CAPS staff work Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

After Hours: The state of NJ has partnered with teletherapy provider, Uwill, to offer free teletherapy services to college students. For more information click here

Case management: Saint Peter’s University was awarded a grant from the State of New Jersey to provide case management services to students requiring support, advocacy, and assistance with accessing resources necessary to improve wellness. For more information click here.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy: Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) now offers VR services for SPU students. The services include therapeutic interventions known as exposure therapy, and student guided immersive relaxation and mindfulness experiences. For more information click here.

How to Contact CAPS: You can call 201-761-6420 to speak confidentially with our staff or email with non-urgent inquiries during regular business hours Monday through Friday 9-5.

Even if you choose not to come for counseling, CAPS is still a resource available to you, and we are ready to assist if needed. This link will take you to the CAPS Mental Health and Wellness Library which contains a variety of helpful information.

To learn more about our programs and services follow the links on our site, give us a call or simply stop by. Our caring counselors are here to help! Have a great year! The CAPS staff

You’ve got this, we’re here for you!