How to Navigate Off-Campus Treatment Providers

With or without insurance, the Saint Peter’s University Counseling Center (CAPS) is usually the most cost-effective healthcare option for enrolled students. Counseling services are provided free of charge, and can help most students with their mental health needs. CAPS is not a full- service mental health clinic, and some student find that frequent, long-term, or specialized services are more appropriate given their presenting problems and/or treatment goals. In these cases, CAPS staff will assist students in finding community referrals, but please note that CAPS does not endorse any specific community provider.

For more information on the services provided at CAPS call (201) 761- 6420 during regular business hours Monday through Friday 9-5.

Below are some important steps you can take to connect with a community provider.

Student Healthcare Options

Navigating Health Insurance

  • Understand Insurances lingo before using your insurance
  • Call the member services phone number listed on the back of your card; have your insurance card out when you call.
  • You can also access the insurance’s website listed on your card to search for in-network providers.
  • Ask for information on “behavioral health benefits.”
  • Ask the customer service representative for the following information
    ➢ Do I have coverage for out-patient mental health care in the state you currently reside?
    ➢ What is my deductible for out-patient mental health services?
    ➢ Ask if you need to meet the deductible before any benefits start.
    ➢ Do I have a copay, or coinsurance for out-patient mental health services?
    ➢ Ask if you need a referral. Some plans (HMOs) require that a primary care physician give you a referral before you can see a therapist or psychiatrist.

How to Find a Provider

Tips: When searching for a therapist, look for a licensed professional; such as LCSW, LPC, Ph.D., Psy.D. If you are looking for medication, you need a psychiatrist or a nurse practitioner
(NP) who specializes in psychiatry for mental health medications.

If you need additional support navigating this process or locating affordable providers, visit How to Navigate Insurance and Mental Health Treatment | or feel free to contact CAPS at or call (201) 761-6420 to schedule a consultation appointment.

For mental health emergencies, you can contact campus safety at (201)761-7400, call 911, or visit our Mental Health & Wellness Resources page.