Veterans & Military Service Members

How to Apply for Admission and Benefits


Saint Peter’s University Veteran Process

Students should follow all the admission and enrollment processes associated with our different Admission divisions.  In addition to those processes, Veterans should complete the following steps to ensure the receipt of benefits:

Step One: To determine what benefits you are entitled to you should contact the Department of Veteran Affairs at or 1-888-442-4551/1-888-GIBILL1 to request a Certificate of Eligibility.

Step Two: When you have received your Certificate of Eligibility, then contact the VA certifying official, Michael Quinn via email or phone 201-761-6090, or visit the Enrollment Services Center on the first floor of McDermott Hall.

Step Three:  Once you complete your course registration the VA certification advisor in the Registrar’s Office will complete the VA certification for the term after the last day to add/drop. This will ensure that the certification submitted contains an accurate list of your courses and tuition.

Post 9/11 GI BILL Chapter 33 and Chapter 31 Veteran Readiness & Employment

If a student is covered under one of these chapters, the VA will send the funds to Saint Peter’s to cover the tuition and fees for the students only, housing and meal plans are not included. Under CH.33 depending on the amount of time a student served in the military, will determine if they will be covered from 50% to 100% of their tuition.  This information will all be listed on their certificate of eligibility.  In order to retrieve the Certificate of Eligibility the student can go to or they can call 1-888-442-4551. It can take the VA up to 4 weeks to send the certificate. Once the student receives this they should send a copy to Michael Quinn.  Once the student is registered for classes, and as long as Michael has the certificate of eligibility on file, he can send in the certification to the VA.

Chapters 30, 35 and 1606

Under these chapters the VA pays the student directly once the certification is sent in. These students will need to follow the same process in retrieving their Certificate of Eligibility as CH.33 and once they receive it they should send a copy to Michael Quinn.

General Information for all Chapters

For students in Chapter 33 covered 50%-90%, 30, 35, and 1606 they will need to make payment arrangements with the Student Accounts Department regarding their remaining balance.  They can pay in full or set up a payment plan.  Student Accounts can be reached at or call 201-761-7440.   Students may also be eligible for financial aid, they can be reached at or call 201-761-6060.

The VA will only pay for courses that will go towards their major. The VA will not pay for a repeated course unless it is required for graduation and you received a failing grade.

Steps to Transfer Benefits

  1. Apply through DOD at the Transferability of Educational Benefits (TEB) website.
  2. Once your transfer request is approved, your request data is sent to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Each family member must first apply for a certificate of eligibility from the DVA before they can use their transferred benefits. Once the DVA receives the request data and VA Form 22-1990E, they will be able to process your family members’ requests to use their benefits. The application for the certificate of eligibility (VA Form 22- 1990E) can be found through the Department of Veterans Affairs’ website. You can call the DVA for Education Benefits information at 1-888-GIBILL1.
  3. After receiving their certificates of eligibility from the DVA, your family members must provide the certificates to the school.
  4. If your family members do not receive their certificates of eligibility from the DVA before they enroll in school, they should ask the veterans’ certifying official at the school to submit to the DVA an enrollment certification for the academic term.


Tuition funds will be sent direct from the DVA to the school. Children using months of transferred benefit will receive the monthly living stipend and the books and supplies stipend. A spouse using a transferred benefit will only receive the monthly living stipend. A spouse may also be eligible for the books and supplies stipend if he/she uses the benefit after you separate from active duty.

Spouses of active duty service members are not eligible for Yellow Ribbon.

For further information, please contact Saint Peter’s University’s veterans assistance coordinator, Michael Quinn.