Dr. Kari Larsen, Advisor

Pre-law advising is designed to assist students who are interested in attending law school after graduation from Saint Peter’s University. The Pre-law Advisor assists students in choosing their academic program, planning for the LSAT exam, selecting internships, and applying to law school.

Preparation for law school requires a broad-based and rigorous undergraduate education that emphasizes critical thinking, studious reading and excellence of writing. A particular major is not required. However, the chosen program of study should encompass challenging courses that sharpen the intellect and develop a student's ability to think analytically and communicate clearly. These skills can be refined in any number of courses including those in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and business.

Law schools seek students who are able to operate at their peak in a demanding academic environment, and who can demonstrate this ability by achieving an outstanding undergraduate academic record and scoring high on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

Students interested in law school, legal careers, or the Joint B.A/J.D. Program outlined below, should contact the University's Pre-law Advisor as early as possible for information and guidance about preparation for law school, the application process, the study of law, and the practice of law.


Joint B.A./J.D. Program with Seton Hall University School of Law

Qualified high school students who are interested in an accelerated program may apply, upon admission to Saint Peter's University or as early as possible during their first year at the University, for entrance into the Joint B.A./J.D. Program with Seton Hall University School of Law. The Program offers exceptional high school students the opportunity to obtain in six years, rather than the normal seven years, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Saint Peter’s University and a Juris Doctor Degree from Seton Hall University School of Law. Eligibility requirements include, among other components, minimum SAT scores (600 on the verbal, 600 on the math, and a composite verbal + math of 1300) and rank in the top 10% of the student's high school class.

The Joint B.A./J.D. Program is an optional accelerated program, and entrance into the Program is not required to apply to or attend law school in the usual manner.