Undergaduate Education

Curriculum: Elementary Education Majors

Dr. Jennifer Ayala, Director


Requirements for Elementary Education Major (Grades K -  6 and Pre-School-3)                                  

Degree of Bachelor of Arts

All Elementary Education students who wish to receive a State of New Jersey Teaching Certificate (K-6) will also take the courses necessary to be certified as Pre-School-3 teachers.  Elementary Education students must complete the following courses. Students who wish to take a course out of sequence should check with their departmental advisor.

Sophomore Year (7 credits)
ED-160Education/Schooling/Multicultural Soc3
ED-170Child and Adolescent Psychology3
ED-490Clinical Experience I1
or EP-490 Clinical Experience I: Early Child/Elem
Junior Year (16 credits)
EE-202Elementary Curriculum3
EE-204Using Technology in Elem Language Arts3
EE-206Teaching Reading/Elementary School3
EE-212Methods Teaching Math in Elem School3
EE-214Teach Science/Elem Sch Using Technology3
ED-491Clinical Experience II2
or EP-491 Clinical Experience Ii: Early Child/Elem
Senior Year (14 credits)
ED-493Practicum in Reading3
EE-495Student Teaching: Elementary8
Total Credits38

Courses required for P-3 Certification

Courses Required P-3 Certification
ED-201Fundamentals of Speech3
EP-201Child Development in the Early Years3
EP-202Developing Home School Family Partners3
EP-301Introduction to Special Education3
EP-302Meth. Curr. Assess. in EC CL3

Requirements for Elementary Education Major (Grades Kindergarten to 6)

with Middle School Certification (Grades 6 to 8)

Degree of Bachelor of Arts

All Elementary Education students who wish to receive a middle school teaching certificate are required to follow the educational sequence outlined above for Elementary Education majors. In order to receive Middle School Certification, the student must take a sequence of courses (15 credits minimum) in the area in which they wish to teach. Students also need to successfully pass the Praxis II exam in the subject area in which they wish to teach.

Special Notes on Core Curriculum Requirements for Elementary Education Majors

Requirements for a Minor in Secondary Education

Since for Secondary Education students the academic major is also specific preparation for the subject teaching certificate, the student must choose an academic major that is taught at the high school level. In addition to an advisor from the department of the academic major, all Secondary Education minors must confer with an advisor in the School of Education and declare Secondary Education as a minor. Secondary Education minors must complete the following 25 credits:

ED-160Education/Schooling/Multicultural Soc3
ED-203Educational Psychology (or with permission ED-170)3
ED-490Clinical Experience I1
ED-491Clinical Experience II2
ED-492Clinical Prac I & Seminar Elem/Mid/Sec3.00
EP-301Introduction to Special Education3.00
SE-370Reading/Sec Sch Using Technology3
SE-400Prin/Tech of Instr/Middle& Secondary Sch3
SE-408Principles of High School Curriculum3
SE-495Student Teaching: Secondary8
Total Credits32