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Peer Mentoring Program

The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Peer Mentoring Program promotes students’ success and persistence to graduation. The TRIO SSS Peer Mentoring is an opportunity for first-year TRIO SSS students who participated in the TRIO SSS Pre-College Summer Bridge Program to learn about how to navigate the college journey, how to approach challenges and the important milestones while also building meaningful relationships and connections. TRIO SSS Peer Mentors will build their networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders. Participants will be linked with upperclassmen TRIO SSS students in the academic year. Peer Mentors will create various workshop topics related to Saint Peter’s University (SPU) student support resources to help students transition to the collegiate environment, as well as connect with continuing students as they progress through their college experience.

TRiO Students

Peer Mentors for Academic Year 2023-2024

Araceli AmelcoName: Araceli Amelco
Class Year: 2025
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: West New York
Major/Minor: International Business; Marketing Management & Legal Studies
Personal Interests: I love watching soccer, The Office, SpongeBob and horror movies.
Professional Goals: Graduate with a GPA of a 4.0
How can I help you as your Peer Mentor? I can show you the ins and outs of Saint Peter’s and assist you on anything that’s in my reach to achieve your greatest goals.
How has the TRIO SSS Program supported you through your college journey? They have helped me with scheduling my classes as well as giving me info on internships and upcoming events that help me in my interest that I want to achieve.

Name: Carla Loaiza
Class Year: 2025
Pronouns: She, Her
Hometown: Paterson, NJ
Major/Minor: Business Management
Personal Interests: My personal interests include social dancing, spending time with family and friends, trying new things, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.
Professional Goals: My professional objectives include graduating from college and securing a steady position in the business world. In addition, I want to develop personally and find my greatest self.
How can I help you as your Peer Mentor? As a mentor, I can help you avoid making the same mistakes I did. I’ll keep you updated on all of the events and fantastic opportunities Saint Peters has to offer.
How has the TRIO SSS Program supported you through your college journey? TRIO SSS has helped me in a variety of ways. They have provided me with scholarships, firsthand information about numerous options, and general encouragement and support.

Name: Schneider Tout-Puissant
Class Year: 2025
Pronouns: He/Him
Hometown: Union, NJ
Major/Minor: Exercise Science
Personal Interests: Gym, Hiking, Watching Anime, Video Games, Sleeping
Professional Goals: Become a licensed Physical Therapist
How can I help you as your Peer Mentor? How I feel I can help you as your Peer Mentor is that my goal is the mentee’s to see me as a beacon of guidance as they start their college journey.
How has the Trio SSS Program supported you through your college journey? The TRIO SSS program helped me with connections and opportunities during my 4 year tenure and some opportunities even after it. I’m grateful for TRIO because they’re an amazing support group who have helped me greatly through my college journey.

Name: Martina Awad
Pronouns: She/Her
Hometown: Bayonne, NJ
Major/Minor: Biology
Personal Interests: Drawing, painting, Ice skating, love to do crochet
Professional Goals: My goal is to go to medical school and become a doctor.
How can I help you as your Peer Mentor? As a peer mentor, I can help students feel Saint Peter’s sense of family. Also, make them comfortable navigating around Saint Peter’s academically and personally.
How has the TRIO SSS Program supported you through your college journey? TRiO SSS has ensured I feel comfortable in my classes and college. They provided me with many connections, which helped me make friends. Also, It encouraged me to get to know my professors. They provided me with a degree map, ensuring I graduated within 4 years. They supported me throughout my freshman year and made sure that I had a safe transition from high school to college.

Name: Christopher J. Dominguez
Class Year: 2026
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Hometown: Bayonne, New Jersey
Major/Minor: Marketing Management
Personal Interests: Music writing/Playing (Guitar), Martial Arts, Skating, Reading
Professional Goals: Seek high education by pursuing a Master’s Degree
How can I help you as your Peer Mentor? There are many ways I can assist my mentees as their Peer Mentor, such as helping them with their adjustment from high school to college life, providing guidance that allows them to grow on a professional and personal level, and also supporting and empathizing with the mentees as I am also a First-Generation student and understand their adversities.
How has the TRIO SSS Program supported you through your college journey? Since starting my college career, the TRIO SSS Program has supported me by providing career opportunities that are provided strictly through TRIO, including professional seminars and presentations that have allowed me to grow my professional and leadership skills.The TRIO SSS program has also helped me by continuously communicating with me to help me stay focused on my academics!

How to Apply to be a Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors will be selected through an application, interview, and recommendation process. Peer Mentors receive extensive training, a monetary stipend, and share their invaluable expertise with their TRIO SSS peers while making a positive impact within the campus community.

Minimum Requirements and Expectations

  1. Current Saint Peter’s University SSS participants
  2. Minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.0
  3. Strong written/verbal communication skills
  4. Commit to a start date in May for one full academic year – Summer (June-August, Fall (September-December), and Spring semesters (January-May) with moderate availability and flexibility on the weekend
  5. Demonstrates competency in interacting with participants from diverse cultural and personal backgrounds
  6. Experience in the use of technology to accomplish data entry/word-processing tasks (e.g. Microsoft Office-Excel, PowerPoint,Word, and Google Suites)
  7. Ability to work in a team-working environment of staff and to work independently 
  8. Priority will be given to TRiO students and/or students who receive federal work-study (FWS)

Why be a part of the TRIO (SSS) Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program?

  • Peer mentoring is a leadership activity to be included on your resume and/or scholarship applications
  • Acquire experiences and skills necessary for future scholarship, university life, and your career 
  • Personal and social growth and development.
  • Creation of a network of relationships with students, faculty, and staff
  • Personal gratification from helping individuals succeed
  • Involvement with diverse groups
  • Leadership and group facilitation skills

Take the next step, apply to participate!

Previous experience in a mentoring program is not required to participate as a TRIO (SSS) Peer Mentor. Contact the TRIO (SSS) Program at to learn more about the application process and deadlines to apply.