M.A. in Communication and Public Relations


At A Glance
Degree: Master of Arts in Communication and Public Relations
Course Location: Jersey City Campus and online
Program Duration: 33 Credits
Calendar: Trimester
Course Format: Classes meet once a week from 6:00 p.m. to 9:25 p.m.

The Master of Arts in Communication and Public Relations degree is designed for those interested in or actively employed in public relations, advertising, public relations management or advocacy within the corporate or nonprofit sectors.

Program Availability

The courses are offered on a trimester calendar and during the summer at the Jersey City Campus.

Degree Requirements

The degree requires 33 semester hour credits. A capstone course is required and will be taken the final semester of coursework. The major component of the capstone is the completion of a research paper suitable for publication in a professional journal.


Saint Peter’s University assigns an academic advisor to every candidate.

Time Limitation

Students are expected to enroll continuously until their programs are completed. Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress by maintaining the required grade point average and accumulating sufficient credits within the stipulated time frame of five years.

Curriculum – Master of Arts in Communication and Public Relations

The Master of Arts in Communication and Public Relations program is divided into two levels, as detailed below. The 33 credit program focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for professionals in the field of Communication and Public Relations. Included in the curriculum is an internship and capstone experience. The program will be offered on a trimester schedule and is currently designed for full time study, with students taking two classes per trimester or one class per trimester for part time study.

Level I
CU-500 Introduction to the New Media Society 3
CU-501 Communication Research 3
CU-506 Marketing Communication and Branding 3
CU-504 Public Relations 3
CU-508 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
Level II
CU-510 Advanced Communication Law, Ethics and Policy 3
CU-512 Social Networking and New Media 3
CU-646 Crisis Communication 3
CU-526 Capstone Project: Seminar 6
Electives (Choose one)
CU-515 Interpersonal Communication 3
CU-590 Internship I 3
Total Credits 33