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May graduate lands full time role at KPMG and launches Finance Podcast

Anthony Crincoli will complete a double major in Finance and Accounting this May. He completed internships at KPMG and Virtu Financial, and will begin a full time role at KPMG after graduating. Anthony excelled as a member of the founding team of our Student Managed Investment Fund in 2020-21, on the CFA Research Institute Challenge team in 2019-20 and is the co-founder of a financial podcast “Common Cents Finance” with classmate Nicolas Sadek. As an Honors Scholar, Anthony co-authored a book chapter with Dr. Samar Issa on the Lebanese Banking Crisis and co-presented this research at the Eastern Economic Association Conference in 2021. He also presented his honors thesis, “The Paradox of Financial Literacy: An Obstacle and Pathway to Upward Social Mobility“, which can be viewed here. He received his Bloomberg Market Concepts certification, IBM certification in Enterprise Design Thinking and successfully completed the undergraduate component of our accelerated MBA program. Coming to us from Saint Peter’s Prep, Anthony continued to embody Jesuit values as a man for others through service and volunteer work on campus and in the broader community, including coaching youth baseball in his hometown.

Anthony Crincoli, ‘21

Anthony Crincoli, ‘21

Anthony’s reflection on his time at Saint Peter’s is below. We wish him all the best.

“Attending Saint Peter’s University is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.  In my four years here, I have been able to gain experience and form relationships that could not have been possible anywhere else.  Because of our university’s phenomenal accounting department and my meaningful relationships with faculty members, I was able to realize various career opportunities at a very young age.  As a junior, I had the pleasure of interning with KPMG, a Big Four public accounting firm, which resulted in a full-time offer that I accepted.  As a freshman, I acquired my first internship as an accountant through a friendship I developed while at the university.  Through extracurricular activities, such as Delta Sigma Pi, the CFA Research Challenge, and the Student Managed Investment Fund, I was able to connect and network with industry professionals and gain vast amounts of knowledge on my profession.  With an irreplaceable education, job stability, a meaningful network of faculty, professionals, and friends, Saint Peter’s University has provided me all the tools necessary for a successful and fulfilling career and life after I graduate!”

Senior STEM Student Qazi Fazila Breaks Barriers and Advances in Cyber Field

As a female Computer Science major, Qazi Fazila, 21 is breaking barriers into a traditionally male dominated field. She has taken advantage of many career building opportunities during her time at Saint Peter’s both in her area of concentration Cyber Security as well as in the broader business field. She was selected for the highly competitive Goldman Sachs Local College Collaborative program in 2019, which involved a 6 month long intensive live case study consulting engagement with NRG, a Goldman Sachs client company, and with mentorship from Goldman Sachs employee volunteers. Another experiential learning engagement that Qazi took advantage of is the Cyber Security virtual internship program in partnership with educational company iQ4, in which student teams are assigned professional roles to work on a live Cyber Security problem, simulating a professional situation. In this class, students are guided by a professor with decades of industry experience and also work with industry mentors from around the world, who connect virtually with the class on a biweekly basis.

In addition to these robust industry experiences which were part of the curriculum offered by the Guarini School of Business, Qazi completed two rigorous external internships in the field of technology and Cybersecurity at Gabi Solutions Inc. and Arch Insurance Group, Inc., where she was able to further apply the skills and knowledge learned in her Bachelor’s level courses, interact with technology professionals in an industry setting and broaden her scope of professional experience. She is current seeking a full time role with a mid to large size company in the area of cybersecurity, and in the meantime is gaining business and marketing experience as a Brand Ambassador for Swarovski, focused on branding, sales and client relations.

Qazi Fazila, Class of 2021

Qazi Fazila, Class of 2021

Qazi reflected on some of the most important areas of growth during her time at Saint Peter’s, was in leadership.

“I never thought of myself as a leader before college, but during my junior year, I blossomed in that area. I participated in the Goldman Sachs Local CollegeCollaborative program, and I was appointed a leader of our team. As a team, we applied research and analytical skills to solve business case challenges. I decided to make communication easier for the team and make sure each team member was able to provide input and his or her unique perspective on our task at hand. As a team, we were required to meet up once a week at the school cafe to discuss our research and help each other. I was also available on call for my team whenever they needed me. I think this particular experience along with my classroom knowledge equipped me with practical skills and knowledge that I can apply to my workplace.”