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Online Patient Care Training

Online Patient Care Training

Become a Patient Care Technician

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Patient care technicians play a critical role at healthcare facilities, assisting with inpatient treatment and helping provide quality of life. The 100% online course will prepare you to work as a patient care technician.



Job Outlook for Patient Care Technician

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that patient care professionals, including nursing assistants and orderlies, earn a median annual salary of $28,000.
  • The BLS also estimates that job opportunities in the patient care field will grow by 8% by 2028.

Patient Care Technician FAQs

What does a Patient Care Technician do?

Patient care technicians help care for patients in healthcare facilities, which include hospitals, medical offices, and long-term care facilities. Specific patient care duties may include:

  • Helping patients get in and out of bed
  • Assisting with patients or mobility
  • Tracking patient progress
  • Listening to patient concern and communicating these to the primary care provider
  • Checking vital signs and collecting samples
Are Patient Care Technicians the same as Certified Nursing Aids?

Essentially, patient care technicians and nursing aids perform the same duties in a healthcare setting. However, patient care technicians may also work under doctors and physical therapist in addition to nurses.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to patient care, legal issues in healthcare, standard precautions and infection control
  • Medical terminology, physical examination, patient positioning, bed mobility, range of motion
  • Therapeutic exercises, gait, assistive devices, orthosis and prosthesis, transfer techniques
  • Wound care and pressure sores, wheelchair management, patient care competency, special topics



There are no prerequisites to take this course.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Patient Care

Infection Control & Standard Precaution

Legal Issues in Healthcare

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

Medical Terminology

Physical Assessment & Examination

Patient Positioning and Bed Mobility Techniques

Range of Motion

Therapeutic Exercises


Assistive Devices

Orthosis and Prosthesis

Transfer Techniques

Wound Care and Pressure Sores

Wheelchair Management

Patient Care Competency

Special Topics


Jacqueline Garcia

Jacqueline Garcia is a Certified Postsecondary Professional Instructor (CPPI), specializing in patient care education. Beyond actively training future patient care technicians, she develops academic content and curriculum for a number of programs.

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