School of Professional Studies

Credit-Bearing Certificates

We offer a wide variety of 12-credit Certificate Programs.

SPS courses are delivered in adult-friendly eight-week sessions, fully online. Students can complete them in 9 months.

Child Care Assistant
This certificate gives you the necessary skills that will help you prepare for a variety of careers working with children. Students gain the knowledge and skills to effectively supervise children in a short amount of time, focusing on the emotional, physical, and social needs of children and their environments.

Child Development
This certificate is designed for students who wish to pursue concentrated study in the area of child development to gain practical experience working with young children. Students will obtain a theoretical and practical foundation for understanding the overall development of young children.

Cyber Security
This certificate affords you the opportunity to gain the technical knowledge you need to step into the fast-growing field of IT security, helping keep computer systems safe from data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Digital Marketing and Social Media
This certificate program will equip you with the industry-leading skills you need to achieve success in the digital age. Learn to develop digital strategies and tactical approaches across a range of platforms, leverage social media, and reach new audiences to support businesses of all kinds.

This certificate teaches you essential skills and effective strategies for working in and managing innovative organizations – and for starting new ones. You will gain the necessary foundation and frameworks you need to become an entrepreneur and launch a new venture.

Fashion Business
This certificate teaches students how businesses operate in the evolving fashion industry. You will gain a foundation for industry or entrepreneurial careers, looking at developments in merchandising and retail buying, the ongoing changes in and evolution of fashion marketing, and a background in fashion history.

Financial Accounting
This certificate affords you the ability to learn how to compile, analyze, and prepare critical financial information for a range of business initiatives. Through this certificate, you develop basic knowledge in accounting for application in a range of industries and professions.

Healthcare Management
This certificate provides students with a solid foundation for numerous career opportunities in a variety of health care settings. Students will also gain knowledge in healthcare finance, management, and ethics.

Human Resource Management
This certificate gives you the skills necessary to develop and implement successful Human Resource practices that will help your organization improve its performance. You will gain the foundation needed for a successful career by providing ways for you to align your Human Resources department to your organization’s goals.

This certificate program is designed for individuals at all levels who want to exercise stronger leadership capabilities. It prepares professionals in leadership roles with essential principles, awareness, and practical application of emotional intelligence, engagement, and problem-solving skills.

This certificate is designed to propel your career forward by helping you develop the skills needed to become a more effective leader, manager or supervisor. You will enhance your management skills with a variety of practical, skills-based learning experiences covering an array of topics.

Non-Profit Management
This certificate gives students the knowledge and skills related to all aspects of management for public and nonprofit organizations, including strategy and decision-making, marketing, and system analysis. It is designed specifically for those interested in working within nonprofit and public organizations.

Professional Sales
This certificate will give you the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and lead a sales team in an organization. You will be able to help businesses define their needs, understand and evaluate buying options, facilitate effective purchase decisions, and forge enduring relationships.

Project Management
This certificate will provide students with proven strategies and tools to drive successful project outcomes. You’ll learn how to scope projects effectively, set key milestones, improve time budgeting and resource allocation, and get the project done on time and within budget. You will gain the experience, education, and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.

Risk Management
This certificate provides students with expertise in the proactive aspects of planning and strategy, as well as the reactive aspects of crisis management and enterprise and organizational continuity. You will gain the skills needed to formulate and execute the best possible response to a wide range of emergencies and disasters.

Sport and Event Management
This certificate prepares students for a career in management within the ever-popular sports and events industries. They will gain both the foundational skills in event management, and knowledge relating to the business aspects of sports and recreation.

Teaching Assistant
This certificate provides you with the foundation to work as a teaching assistant in public and private schools. This will give you the skills and knowledge to work in the classroom to provide direct instructional support to students under the supervision of a licensed teacher.

Tourism and Hospitality Management
This certificate gives you the skills necessary for the role within the tourism and hospitality areas. You will gain a foundation in essential industry best practices, while developing strategies that can be applied in the workplace.