Experiential Learning and Career Services

Career Services

So when do you start planning your career?

At Saint Peter’s University it is an on-going growth process that begins in your freshman year. We help you find the self-knowledge, experience and job seeking skills that will open the right doors. To get started, we suggest that you:

Make an appointment for resume review and career counseling.
Let us know the kind of employment you are looking for.  If you are unsure where your interests lie we can help with that too. Call (201) 761-6400 or email cfonzo@saintpeters.edu.

Attend an on-campus recruitment event.
We frequently will match students with relevant companies when they come to speak on campus.  Make sure we have your contact information and be sure to attend each Career Fair as well.

Check out job listings on SaintPetersLink.
SaintPetersLink, featuring both permanent and temporary assignments, is exclusively for Saint Peter's University students and alumni.  Positions on file include full and part-time positions, summer work, and internships (paid/unpaid).

Find additional tools
on our career search resources page.

University Closing

All campuses will be closed and all classes are canceled Thursday, March 5 due to inclement weather.