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Course Descriptions

Ge822 Historical Trends in Higher Education
The history and development of higher education in the United States will be reviewed. Political and economical factors will be integrated into the curriculum. Current issues in diversity, globalization, international partnership, and online learning will also be explored.

Ge8058 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
This course focuses on the theoretical and practical implications of organizational behavior from a sociological perspective. Students will study organizational concepts such as diversity in the educational workplace, motivation and individual differences in organizations, group dynamics and decision making, cooperation, teamwork, management, professional development and quality improvement programs.

Ge825 Ethical Foundations and Social Responsibility
This course concentrates on the responsibilities of the educational leader as an ethical exemplar, leader, and educator. Students will examine a variety of current ethical educational issues and develop effective moral decision-making skills.

Ge807 Statistics I
This course analyzes and applies descriptive and inferential statistics, elements of probability that support statistical theory, and theoretical distributions. Students will apply statistics to critical educational issues that require measurement, analysis, and decision making for organizational improvement. The students will also be required to design, conduct, and report a study that demonstrates their statistical skills.

Ge809 Research Design and Methods
This course will actively engage in the development and implementation of a formal research proposal. They will be required to complete the research process by utilizing both a quantitative and qualitative approach to their respective research topic. All required components of the research proposal outline must be included, as described in the American Psychological Association Manual current edition.

Ge839 Statistics II
This course applies both quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis implemented in this course as a direct extension of Statistics I. Students will expand previous knowledge for analysis, interpretation, and decision making in quantitative research to be used in education leadership and school improvement models. Students will use statistical software to aid in their research using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Prerequisite GE 807

Ge801 Curriculum Development
This advanced course concentrates on how curriculum is developed and implemented in organizational settings. The course is based on theoretical research, current societal issues, and school-based needs for accountability based education with specific strategies to foster learning, interventions, personalization and mastery of the curriculum. The students will analyze current curriculum standards and educational reform movements.

Ge864 Administration and Governance of Higher Education
Overview of the organization, administrative roles and positions, administrative process, personnel management, and administrator relationships within various institutions of higher learning.

Ge866 Enrollment Management and Marketing
The course addresses fundamental principles of marketing and enrollment management in a higher education including branding, differentiation, forecasting, and public and alumni relations. Discussion of strategic enrollment management processes includes legal and regulatory considerations related to student recruitment, financial aid, and diversity issues, as well as aligning marketing and recruitment efforts with institutional mission and goals. This course will also explore applications of online social networking systems, digital media, and other communications tools, in addition to traditional media and public relations strategies.

Ge868 Student Development and Programming
This course examines fundamental principles of student learning and development; and the implications for student programming; and will explore strategies for effectively planning, organizing, and managing student services and programs, ensuring that these programs meet legal and regulatory requirements. A major focus is on the design and deployment of programs and services that can enable students from diverse backgrounds achieve their educational goals.

Ge872 Grants, Philanthropy, and Development
This course will focus on the importance of fundraising in Higher Education. Emphasis will be given to alumni relations, prospect development, foundation research, and proposal writing. Also included will be a primer on the legal principles of contracts and grants including how to identify sources, make the proposal, and manage the project.

Ge874 Finance, Budgeting and Resource Allocation in Higher Education
An overview of the budgeting process, sources of revenue, types of expenditures, and issues and innovations in financing various types of contemporary institutions of higher education. The course will also include a survey of the various business and planning operations vital to the operation of colleges and universities.

Ge876 Accountability: Assessment, Accreditation and Institutional Research
This course explores the role of assessment in higher education, with an emphasis on designing effective student learning outcomes and departmental goals; as well as institutional effectiveness strategies and review. Students will also be introduced to accreditation processes, and how to use national institutional survey data to inform assessment.

Ge811 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis
This course is designed to develop proficiency in collecting, analyzing, and reporting qualitative data, using a variety of qualitative tools including ethnography, research interviews, content analysis, case studies, phenomenological studies, and participant observation. Prerequisites: GE 801, 803, 805, 807, 809

Ge829 Advanced Technology for Administrators
This course focuses on the role of the educational leader in utilizing emerging technologies to achieve and enhance school reform. This course will enable students to plan for the integration of emerging technologies into the design of the curriculum, instruction, research, assessment. Students will study contemporary technology issues and implications in the use of information and multimedia technologies in teaching and learning, communications, and management. Students will research legal and ethical considerations in the planning, funding, professional development needs, and evaluation related to the use of educational technology. Prerequisites: GE-801, 805, 807, 809

Ge880 Practicum in Higher Education
The practicum is a supervised, professional experience in an approved college or university setting or public agency involved with higher education designed to develop skills applicable to college-base teaching, higher education administrative or policy.

TBA Survey Research
This course guides students through the process of designing and conducting a survey research project.   This will include examining the decisions faced by a researcher during the design and implementation of the survey; sources of bias; questionnaire construction; recruitment; management of data sets.

Ge881 Advanced Independent Study in Higher Education
For doctoral students wishing to work with their mentor to study topics related to their dissertation.

Ge871 Dissertation Seminar I
This course will guide and assist in the development of the dissertation proposal, writing dissertation chapters, design, data analysis, preparing articles for publication, developing research proposals for professional conferences, and other professional arenas. Emphasis will
be placed on individual student work with their Mentor and Dissertation Committee members.

Ge873 Dissertation Seminar II
This course will guide and assist in the development of the dissertation proposal, writing dissertation chapters, design, data analysis, preparing articles for publication, developing research proposals for professional conferences, and other professional arenas. Emphasis will
be placed on individual student work with their Mentor and Dissertation Committee members.

Ge875 Dissertation Advisement
In this course, doctoral students have advanced to candidacy and completed Dissertation Seminar I and II. Students must register continuously for advancement until the dissertation is completed.