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As a result of the Student Health Insurance Legislative S-2291 passage, New Jersey colleges and universities no longer require full time students to show proof that they are covered by health insurance policies; however, with the passage of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), all citizens must have insurance coverage through a PPACA compliance plan or they will be subject to tax fines beginning January 2014.

Acceptable Insurance (PPACA approved) includes:

  • parent’s insurance plan
  • an individual marketplace plan
  • Medicaid, Medicare
  • Tricare, veterans benefits and other government plans
  • International plan with ACA comparable coverage (including evacuation and repatriation benefits)-International Students only

Plans are available through federal health care exchanges where you can compare coverage among a variety of insurance companies.  Students who wish to purchase health insurance are encouraged to visit the following federal exchange websites:

  • Apply by phone please call: 800-318-2596
  • submit questions to:

The University will enroll all full-time students in our Student Accident and Injury Plan for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Please note that students cannot waive out of the Student Accident and Injury Plan even with a personal health insurance plan.  This mandatory plan is $100.00 for the academic year, which will be billed $50.00 per semester. This charge is already a portion of the comprehensive fee on student bills.  See detailed information about this plan including benefits below:

Saint Peter’s University MSA Policy
Athletic Accident Claim Form

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For international students: International Student Insurance and