Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs

Fellowships & Forms

Through this page, Saint Peter’s University faculty can find forms and instructions that pertain to fellowships, research associate awards, funds for research, funds to attend workshops and short courses, and funds for travel to do research. You can also find forms for required reports. Below are brief descriptions of the various faculty development resources that are available through OFRSP.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access some of the forms. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, it is available as a free download from the Adobe web site.

Faculty Development Awards General Guidelines and Instructions – Faculty members who are seeking any of the faculty development awards below are strongly urged to review the guidelines and instructions. These guidelines were developed to assist faculty members in writing successful proposals. In addition, faculty are urged to consult the University Academic Handbook (Chapter VII, section E) for descriptions and regulations regarding Faculty Development Awards. Any questions regarding guidelines and instructions should be directed to Rebecca Conley, the Director of the OFRSP.

Faculty Development Award Applications General Guidelines and Instructions

  1. Applicants should carefully review the descriptions of the various SPU faculty development awards before submitting an application for any category. Descriptions of Faculty Fellowships, Kenny Fellowships (summer) Research Associates, Teaching Associates, James N. Loughran, S.J. Fellowships and Senior Research Professorships can be found on this website. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Faculty Research and Development (rconley@saintpeters.edu) for assistance as needed.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by individuals from different academic disciplines and therefore should be written for a wide audience, not for specialists in the applicant’s area of expertise.
  3. Projected outcomes of proposed projects should be as specific as possible. For example, if a journal article is a projected outcome, state the journal name if possible and whether or not the journal is peer-reviewed. If a book is the projected outcome, please indicate if a publisher has been identified. If a conference presentation is one of the projected outcomes, please state at which conference the work will be presented.
  4. If additional pages are attached to the application form, they should be paginated and include the applicant’s name in the header.
  5. A CV is not required, except when applying for the Senior Research Professorship.

Fellowship Descriptions

The Kenny due date to chair is October 1; the chair’s due date to the OFRSP is October 15. The remaining fellowship applications (except the Senior) are due to the chair September 1; the chair’s due date to the OFRSP is September 8.

1. Faculty Fellowship- to assist faculty in the study and research requisite for their professional development. Faculty members become eligible to apply for semester awards in their second year of full-time service. These awards are available for two semesters at half salary, one semester at full salary, and a summer.

2. Kenny Fund (Summer) Fellowship– to support research and scholarship during the summer. Provides a stipend of $4,000. Recipients may not teach during Summer Sessions I and II.

3. Research Associate Fellowship- to begin or continue research projects that do not require the time available on a Faculty Fellowship. Research Associates receive one course release in the Fall and Spring semesters. Activities must be research-oriented. This fellowship is renewable if research is ongoing and measurable outcomes are produced.

4. Teaching Associate Fellowship- to prepare interdisciplinary electives. Applicants typically apply in pairs with the intention of designing and offering an interdisciplinary course. Two awards are typically available in each academic year. Each Teaching Associate receives one course release during the academic year.

5. James N. Loughran, S.J. Fellowship- The James N. Loughran, S.J. Mission Fellowship, named for the 21st President of Saint Peter’s University, is used to assist members of the Full-Time Faculty in study, research or development, of courses, projects, professional development conferences and workshops, that advance the Jesuit mission and Catholic identity of Saint Peter’s University. The single most important criterion for evaluating a proposal is its potential for strengthening the Jesuit mission and Catholic identity of Saint Peter’s University. Typically, one award is available in each academic year.

6. Senior Research Professorship- to assist phased retirement faculty to travel to scholarly conferences (up to $750) and for research expenses (up to $250). Proposals should include the goal of the research, time frame, and significance of the research to the applicant’s field. A vita and an application should be submitted to the chair by February 8; the chair’s report is due February 15.

All fellowship categories can be applied for using the same Fellowship Application Form (Word Document). Chairs must also file a report that accompanies any of the above applications forms. This form can be found at this link: Chair’s Report.

Research Funds Request Forms

1. Funds for Research – to cover eligible incidental expenses connected with research. Deadlines for application are September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1.

Funds for Research: Application (184 KB PDF)

2. Funds for Travel to do Research – to carry out research. Requests are limited to a maximum of 50% of the least expensive transportation to the principal site and will be reviewed by the Committee on the Professional Development of the Faculty. Deadlines for application are September 20 and January 20.

Funds for Travel to do Research: Application (260 KB PDF)

3. Funds for Faculty Attendance at Workshops and Short Courses – to support participation in workshops and short courses. Requests are limited to a maximum of 50% of registration or tuition. Deadlines for application are September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1.

Funds to Attend Workshops and Short Courses: Application (1.5 MB PDF)

Report Forms

Fellowship/Research Associate Progress/Outcomes (Final) Report and Renewal

Report after Completion of Faculty Award – Reports are due June 15th for all Fellowship Awards (except for Kenny Fellowship Reports- due September 15th). The report should be forwarded to the appropriate department chair and to the Office of Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs (OFRSP).

The form can be accessed as a PDF or Word file.