Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs

The Office of Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs (OFRSP) is located on the lower level of the O’Toole Library. The OFRSP offers assistance to faculty and administrators in locating, writing, and processing government grants. Also handled through the OFRSP, are internal faculty award applications such as those pertaining to fellowships and funds to do research.

You are invited to contact the Office of Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs by calling (201) 761-6300 (Debbie Kearney) or by emailing the Director, Andrea Bubka at abubka@saintpeters.edu. We will gladly discuss and provide information on all internal and external funding opportunities.

A Celebration of Faculty Scholarship 2019

On Wednesday, October 30th, a writer’s reception was held for A Celebration of Faculty Scholarship in the O’Toole Library to honor faculty who had their work published. During the last two academic years (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2019), products included 92 peer-reviewed journal articles, 32 documentaries, 20 book chapters, 18 published conference proceedings, 15 published abstracts, 12 editorials, 12 book reviews, 12 art exhibitions, 11 books, 11 magazine articles, 10 edited books, 3 newspaper articles, 2 government reports, 1 encyclopedia entry, and 1 theater review for a total of 252 products. Sixty-eight members including two librarians, two deans, the provost, two emerita faculty members, and one retired distinguished faculty member from ALL departments contributed to the celebration. Research presentations were given by three faculty members:

Brandy Garrett Kluthe, Ph.D., Department of Biology
Using Biological Dating Techniques to Verify Folklore

Beth Adubato, Ph.D., Department of Criminal Justice
Football and Domestic Violence: Tackling the Issues

Scott Stoddart, Ph.D., Department of English
The Queer Aesthetics of Tom Ford’s Film Adaptations:
A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals

The entire list of publications is included here