Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs

Gillian Adler, English Department

Gillian Adler, Visiting Assistant Professor, English, recently received two research grants. The first, the Franklin Research Grant from the American Philosophical Society, will help her work on her study of Geoffrey Chaucer’s use of time in medieval narrative, particularly in regard to how he and other late medieval authors reimagine the temporal paradigms they inherited from ancient and patristic philosophers. The second grant is from the Medieval Academy of America and supports Dr. Adler’s travel expenses to the UK, where she will be giving a talk at the London Biennial Chaucer Conference at the Institute of English Studies at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. The paper responds to the topic of “Chaucer and the Law” and focuses on how Boethian philosophy underscores Theseus’s legal discourse in The Knight’s Tale.