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RAVE Emergency Notifications

RAVE Emergency Notifications: provide students faculty and staff with emergency information for events occurring on or around our campus. These three pronged messages are sent as SMS text messages, Voice Mail and E mail. These messages are sent to the cell phones of students, faculty and staff are registered in the RAVE system to inform them of imminent threats to public safety on or near campus.

How do I sign up for RAVE Emergency Notifications?

  1. Register your cell phone number using the form above. You will need to know your SPIRIT ID number.
  2. Within a day or so of signing up you will receive an automated text message from the system asking you to confirm your enrollment. You will need to reply to this text message with “Y” in order to receive future text message alerts.

Why do we send out RAVE notifications?
Providing a secure learning, living and working environment for students and employees often requires sharing information quickly and broadly. Given the prevalence of cell phones on campus the RAVE system provides a valuable tool in this effort. Participating users will receive messages within seconds of their transmission.

What will RAVE Emergency Notifications tell me?
A RAVE Emergency Notification will state the type of threat and indicate suggested actions. Messages will be sent to all participating users regardless of affiliation to specific campuses/sites or day/evening sessions. For example, in the event of a threat to the Jersey City Campus all participating users will receive the same message even if their primary location is our Meadowlands location.

Who can sign up for RAVE Emergency Notifications?
All students, faculty and staff of Saint Peter’s University may sign up for this service.

What do I need to get University Security Alerts?

  • A valid SPIRIT ID number (located on the back of your OneCard); and
  • A cell phone capable of receiving text messages. If you are unsure if your phone can receive text messages please call your service provider.

Will my cell phone number be kept confidential?
Yes. Cell phone numbers obtained by the RAVE Emergency Notifications system are not shared or sold to any other systems or services.

How Much Does It Cost?
There is no charge to users for signing up.

How many cell phone numbers may I register?
Recipients can sign up for one number per SPIRIT ID.

What if I change my cell phone service provider or phone number?
If you change your phone number you need to re-submit the participation form above and indicate “Update Existing Registration” under Action to avoid an interruption in service.