Latin American & Latino Studies

Faculty & Administration

  • Alex Trillo

    Associate Professor and Director of Latin American & Latino Studies
    B.A., University of California, Irvine, M.A., Ph.D., SUNY at Stonybrook.
    Office: Hilsdorf Hall, Room 402
    Phone: (201) 761-6157

  • Jennifer Ayala

    *Jennifer Ayala

    B.A., Montclair State University; M.Phil., City University of New York; Ph.D., City University of New York Graduate Center.
    Office: Dinneen Hall, 2nd Floor
    Phone: (201) 761-6193

  • Anna Brown

    *Anna J. Brown

    Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science
    B.A., Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales; M.A., Ph.D., Fordham.
    Office: Dorothy Day House, 2nd Floor
    Phone: (201) 761-7462

  • DeStephano

    *Mark DeStephano, S.J.

    Professor and Chair of Modern & Classical Languages
    B.A., Fordham; M. Div., S.T.B., S.T. L., Th.M., Toronto; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard.
    Office: Hilsdorf Hall Rm 201
    Phone: (201) 761-6232

  • *Leonor I. Lega

    Professor of Psychology
    Consejeria Psicologica (Counseling Psychologist) Universidad Del Valle (Colombia); Ph.D., Temple; Licensed Psychologist New York and New Jersey; Post-Doctorate: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.
    Office: Pope Hall, Room 101
    Phone: (201) 761-6302

  • *Patricia Santoro

    Associate Professor of Spanish
    B.A. Georgian Court College; M.A. Middlebury College; Ph.D., Rutgers.
    Office: Hilsdorf Hall Rm 201
    Phone: (201) 761-6234

  • David Surrey

    *David Surrey

    Professor and Chair of Sociology and Urban Studies
    Director of Africana Studies, Environmental Studies, Title V and Faculty Development
    B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University, M.A., Ph.D., New School for Social Research.
    Office: Hilsdorf Hall, Room 403
    Phone: (201) 761-6152
    Other: Website

*Advisory Committee Members