Latin American and Latino Studies



LS-101. Intro Latin Amer & Latino Stud. 3.00 Credits.

This course will introduce students to the study of Latin America as a region-it's history, culture, politics and economic development- and Latino Studies, which examines the experiences of people of Latin American descent in the U. S. Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-117. Span Hlth Care Professions I. 3.00 Credits.

Grammar and vocabulary taught through dialogues and situations related to the healthcare professions.

LS-118. Span Hlth Care Professions II. 3.00 Credits.

Further practice in grammar and vocabulary related to the healthcare professions. Prerequisites: SP-117.

LS-119. Spanish for Business & Finance I. 3.00 Credits.

Further study of Spanish grammar, pronunciation, writing, and vocabulary with an emphasis on business and financial usage.

LS-120. Spanish for Business & Finance II. 3.00 Credits.

Further study of Spanish grammar, pronunciation, writing, and vocabulary with an emphasis on business and financial usage. Prerequisites: LS-119.

LS-140. Introduction to Women's Studies. 3.00 Credits.

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to women's studies, including its roots in the feminist and civil rights movements and the construction of gender in culture and society, giving specific attention to forms of gender inequality in the family, workplace, religion, healthcare, and relationships.

LS-177. Introduction to Africana Studies. 3.00 Credits.

This course offers an introduction to the field of Africana Studies. It includes the theoretical foundations for this discipline as well as an historical exploration of forces leading to emergence of artistic, music, poetry and social movements.

LS-195. Spanish: Social Services I. 3.00 Credits.

Serves social workers, police officers, medical professionals, and those in related fields. Basic grammar structures and specialized vocabulary; writing exercises, conversation, and role play. Fulfills core language requirement.

LS-196. Spanish: Social Services II. 3.00 Credits.

Serves social workers, police officers, medical professionals, and those in related fields. Basic grammar structures and specialized vocabulary writing exercises, conversation, and role play. Fulfills core language requirement. Prerequisites: SP-195.

LS-198. Introduction to Hispanic Literature I. 3.00 Credits.

A basic introduction to the principal literary genres through readings in Spanish. 1-2 years high school Spanish.

LS-199. Introduction to Hispanic Literature II. 3.00 Credits.

A continued introduction to the principal literary genres through readings in Spanish. Prerequisites: SP-198.

LS-206. Poetry. 3.00 Credits.

This introductory literature course is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to understand and enjoy poetry. The class will explore the diversity and range of poetry, emphasizing the analysis of short lyric poems, and selected examples of verse drama, verse essay, and narrative poems. Prerequisites: CM-115, CM-116 OR CM-120.

LS-244. Hispanic-American Lit. I. 3.00 Credits.

Origins and evolution of writings from Columbus to Vargas Llosa and his con temporaries. Required for Spanish majors and minors. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisites: SP-134 SP-136 SP-199.

LS-245. Survey of Hispanic American Literature I. 3.00 Credits.

Development of Hispanic-American literature from its origins through the 18th century. Prerequisites: 2-3 YRS. H.S. SPANISH OR SP-134 OR SP-136 OR INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION.

LS-246. Hispanic-American Lit. II. 3.00 Credits.

Development of Hispanic-American literature from the 19th century to the present. Prerequisites: SP-245 OR INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL, OR 3-4 YEARS H.S. SPANISH.

LS-249. Cultural Geography of Hispanic America. 3.00 Credits.

A study, through readings and video, of the history, culture, and societal aspects of the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. Taught in English. Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-250. Spanish Conversation I. 3.00 Credits.

Intensive practice in Spanish conversation through discussion of interesting topics, as well as review of critical grammatical structures and vocabulary to facilitate effective expression.

LS-251. Spanish Conversation II. 3.00 Credits.


LS-254. Sociology of Migration and Immigration. 3.00 Credits.

Immigration in history; patterns of movement; immigration and refugees; adjustment and resettlement; immigration law. The needs of immigratants; housing, employment education, medical care. Prerequisites: SO-121 OR UR-151; Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-260. Sabores Y Saberes Exploringlatincuisine. 3.00 Credits.

This course explores the cultural and community knowledges (saberes) of Latinx communities through a hands on study of their flavors and cuisine (sabores). We will examine the role of food, it's preparation, rituals, histories and consumption, in place-making, identity and community building. This course will involve some travel to restaurants. Prerequisites: LS-101 OR SO-121 OR UR-151.

LS-265. Social Justice in Latin American Film. 3.00 Credits.

Analysis of film, viewed politically and socially, as a mediator of the dynamics of tradition and change in Latin America. Prerequisites: LS-101 OR INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL; COMPLETE 6 CREDITS: 1 COURSE FROM COURSES PL-130 PL-140 AND 1 COURSE FROM COURSES TH-110 TH-120; Course Type(s): Values.

LS-275. Pre-Columbian Civilizations. 3.00 Credits.

This course will examine the cultures, including their rises and falls, of a number of pre-Columbian cultures from archeological and cultural anthropological perspectives. Inca, Myan, Aztec, and Others. Prerequisites: SO-121.

LS-276. Comparative Social Movements. 3.00 Credits.

From Hong Kong to Chile, Wall Street to Plaza de Mayo, the last few years have demonstrated that the politics of protest and collective mobilization play an ever more relevant part in the contemporary dynamics of political resistance and social change. Through the comparative study of social movements around the globe, this course provides an overview of theoretical approaches and transdisciplinary insights into the study of collective action. Class discussions will go beyond stigmatized connections between social action and social unrest to explore topics such as performance and everyday resistance strategies, power and identity relations and other factors that allow for a critical perspective on the field.

LS-292. Translation. 3.00 Credits.

Practice in technical, commercial, scientific translation, legal documents and business correspondence, Spanish English, English- Spanish. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisites: SP-134 SP-136 OR SP-199 OR 3-4 YEARS H.S. SPANISH.

LS-295. Credited Internships. 3.00 Credits.

LS-301. Latinx Philosophy. 3.00 Credits.

This course aims to offer an overview of Latinx Philosophy. In light of this, we will be concerned throughout the course with discussing a number of central questions regarding the nature, the history and the scope of Latin American Philosophy as well as some of the central issues, values, and problems addressed by Latin American philosophers. In particular, we will address during the course the following questions: What is Latin American philosophy? Can Pre-Columbian ways of thinking be categorized as philosophy? Is Post-Columbian Latinx Philosophy just an off-shoot or reflection of Western Philosophy or is it an original form of thinking? Can we meaningfully talk of Latinx Philosophy given the huge ethnic and national diversity as well the widespread social and economic disparities that Latin America exhibits? How have events such as the Spanish Conquest or the Independence wars influenced philosophical thinking in Latin America? What views do Latinx philosophers have on feminism and women's rights? Is there such a thing as a Latinx identity? What role should philosophy have according to Latinx philosophers in the struggles for liberation? Prerequisites: PL-130; Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-310. Feminist Political Theory. 3.00 Credits.

Historical overview of feminist political activity in the United States and an analysis of feminist theory: liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism, and post-modern feminism. Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-311. Introduction to Latin American Film. 3.00 Credits.

A cultural history of Latin America in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries through the study of its cinema. Ability to understand Spanish is recommended Course Type(s): Core curriculum course.

LS-335. Latino Marketing Communication Culture. 3.00 Credits.

An in-depth, critical examination of marketing and communication strategies in the Latino community. THe course invites students to explore what the terms Latino and Latino culture mean, question their saliency, and to weight the implications that marketing and communication campaigns can have on consumption patterns, entrepreneurship, organizations, and Latino identity. Prerequisites: BA-155 OR LS-101 OR SO-121 OR EC-101; OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR. Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-337. Non-Western Perspective to Int Relations. 3.00 Credits.

This course will introduce the study of International Relations (IR) from post-colonial and decolonial perspectives. Course readings and discussions will examine biases and limitations of mainstream western-oriented perspectives on the field. While recognizing the varied scope of post-colonial and decolonial literature, course materials will explore "subaltern" frames of reference that cut across North-South divides, debate racialized and genderized assumptions about nationality and culture, and promote "counter-hegemonic" reflection on prevailing concepts, norms and institutions in IR.

LS-351. Latina/O/X Communities. 3.00 Credits.

An in-depth examination of the social, cultural, economic, historical, and political contexts shaping the experiences of long-established and recent immigrant Latino/a/x and Latin American groups in the United States. The course will examine the formation of communities in different geographical regions, as well as by national, socio-cultural, ethnic, and political affinities. Prerequisites: SO-121 OR UR-151 OR LS-101; Course Type(s): Pluralism, Interdisciplinary.

LS-354. Minority Group Relations. 3.00 Credits.

A study of the history, conditions, and contributions of racial minority groups within the United States. Special emphasis on developments involving African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans.

LS-359. Seminar: Literature of the Boom II. 3.00 Credits.

Continued analysis of the representative texts of the explosion of Hispanic-American literary production onto the world market, in their literary, historical, and cultural contexts. Prerequisites: SP-134 OR SP-136 OR INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL.

LS-368. Health & Inequalities:RaceClass&Gender. 3.00 Credits.

This course critically examines the relationship between health status and social inequalities along the lines of race and ethnicity, social class and gender. We begin with an overview of epidemiology and the idea of studying health from a sociological perspective. We then consider the complex relationship between socio-economic status (class) and health statuses, followed by an examination of specific health issues for major racial/ethnic minorities and gender groups. We will try to understand how low socioeconomic status leads to poor health, how conscious, unconscious, and institutionalized racial/gender bias affects medical care and health outcomes, and address ideas for reducing health disparities among all groups. Prerequisites: SO-121 Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-370. Urban Anthropology. 3.00 Credits.

An exploration of the emergence of urban culture in its present form from its neolithic roots. Emphasis on urban life in the New Jersey area, with reference to the peoples and cultures in urban environments world-wide. Prerequisites: LS-101 SO-121 OR UR-151.

LS-380. Spatial Justice Cities and Resistence. 3.00 Credits.

Spatial Justice is an invitation to discuss social justice by looking at places and spaces around us. How much does the design of our cities reflect and offer insights into social and economic inequalities? How do city spaces influence embodied aspects of our daily lives? How can structured or spontaneous acts of spatial resistance impact broader social dynamics? Through the comparative study of urban social dynamics around the world, this course will discuss the contradictory ways in which spaces are socially constructed, consider different urban experiences in relation to race, gender, class, and sexual orientation, investigate spacial resistance dynamics, and explore how those can be applied to the promotion of more just and inclusive social & spatial realities.

LS-384. Cultural Anthropology. 3.00 Credits.

An analysis of the development of anthropology as an offshoot from Sociology; an examination of the differences in the methodology of anthropology and Sociology in the study of a variety of cultures. Prerequisites: SO-121 OR UR-151; COMPLETE 6 CREDITS: 1 COURSE FROM COURSES PL-130 PL-140 AND 1 COURSE FROM COURSES TH-110 TH-120; Course Type(s): Values, Writing Intensive, Pluralism.

LS-392. Caribbean Literature. 3.00 Credits.

This course will explore aspects of Caribbean literature in Spanish from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Readings will include essays, short stories, poems, and novels from the Encounter to the present. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisites: SP-134 OR SP-136 OR INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL.

LS-412. Ethnicity and Race in Urban History. 3.00 Credits.

Includes the African and European immigrant experiences in America, the effects of slavery and urbanization, and the formation of class consciousness. Prerequisites: SO-121 OR LS-101, AND SO-280 AND SO-384; COMPLETE 6 CREDITS: 1 COURSE FROM COURSES PL-130 PL-140 AND 1 COURSE FROM COURSES TH-110 TH-120; Course Type(s): Values, Capstone, Writing Intensive, Pluralism.

LS-452. Economic Development. 3.00 Credits.

Measurement and income distribution - obstacles, constraints, factors, and theories of economic development. Aid, planning, and actual experiences. New consideration to the development process. Prerequisites: EC-101, EC-102.

LS-454. Political Economy of Latin America. 3.00 Credits.

This course gives students an introduction to the political economic and socio-economic events of Latin America throughout its independence. Prerequisites: EC-101.

LS-481. Immigration: Walls Or Welcome?. 3.00 Credits.

This course focuses on past and present immigration policies in the U.S. as well as immigration activism. Course Type(s): Pluralism.

LS-489. Globalization and Fieldwork Seminar. 3.00 Credits.

Short term study/travel course in which students conduct first hand investigations on the effects of globalization in relevant settings. Specific area and topics determined at the beginning of the Academic Year. Locations change every term. Additional travel course fee of $50. Prerequisites: SO-121 UR-151 PO-150 OR LS-101; Course Type(s): International (Travel), Pluralism.

LS-490. Seminar Don Quijote. 3.00 Credits.

Readings, research, and critical analysis of the Cervantes novel in its socio-historical context. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisites: SP-134 SP-136 OR SP-199.

LS-493. Hispanic Heritage & Identity. 3.00 Credits.

This course will consider the heritage and identity of Hispanics in the U.S. today. By examining texts in English and Spanish, students will develop a sense of how U.S. Hispanics express their identity through literature. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisites: SP-134 SP-136 OR SP-199.

LS-497. Advanced Urban Internship. 3.00 Credits.

Advanced levels of field work emphasizing synthesis of social theories with work experience. Seminars held and an evaluation paper required. Prerequisites: SO-121 OR UR-151.