Environmental Studies


Dr. David S. Surrey, Director

The Environmental Studies Program offers a minor in Environmental Studies.  This minor prepares students to work in a variety of settings, such as community-based organizations, corporations, or government agencies and in positions requiring interdisciplinary expertise, such as those in media, education, or public policy. Although based on a solid science foundation, the minor is not intended for students interested in a career in science.

Requirements for Environmental Studies Minor

EV-100Introduction to Environmental Studies3
CH-131General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I4
CH-131LGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I Lab0
BI-183General Biology I3
BI-185General Biology I Lab1
SO-492Urban Internship3
Select two courses from the following6
Natural History of New Jersey (Total)
Introduction to Environmental Politics
Economics of Environmental Decisions
Environmental Politics and Policies
China: Environmental Change and Possibilities
Total Credits20