Study Abroad

Preparing for Departure

Check Your Enrollment Status

While you are abroad, you need to be enrolled as a Saint Peter’s University student. If you are going on a faculty-led program, you will enroll in your course(s) through Enrollment Services. Those going on semester or year-long programs should meet with the Center for Global Learning’s director to make sure that they are registered properly.

Schedule an Orientation Session

Attend pre-departure orientation to learn more about cultural adjustment, money management, academic procedures, and health and safety abroad. Study abroad alumni will also share their experiences and answer your questions.

Students participating in faculty-led international travel courses will also be required to meet as a group with the professor(s) leading their course.

Book Your Airline Tickets 

Be sure you know the official start and end dates of your program before you purchase your plane ticket. Buying a ticket that can be changed for a reasonable fee is your best option. This type of ticket may cost a bit more than the cheapest tickets, but if you need to change your dates, you’ll be able to revise your plans without too much difficulty.

Students participating in faculty-led international travel courses should consult with professor(s) leading the course before purchasing airline tickets.

Get a Visa

Most study abroad programs require you to obtain a visa. Depending on the country you will be studying in, you will need your passport, acceptance letter, and possibly other documents to apply for the visa. The Web site of the nearest consulate or embassy of your host country can give you exact requirements. Some countries may require that you apply for a visa in person, while others accept documents by mail. This process can take several weeks, or sometimes months, so confirm this information as soon as possible!

Find out more about visas at the U.S. Bureau for Consular Affairs web site.

Get Ready for Takeoff!

Continue to read up on your destination and talk to people who have traveled there. Pack your bags and have a great time abroad!