M.S. in Marketing Science

Earn a M.S. Marketing Science graduate degree to leverage artificial intelligence, mobile data, business analytics and social media listening.

Graduate STEM Programs at Saint Peter's UniversityOne of the top priorities for big businesses is the need to understand who their customer is and what drives them to purchase. In a world where technology and mobile drive everything, there is an availability of data to help marketers and companies understand their intended purchaser. Companies are learning to harness this data, analyze it, and turn it into actionable marketing efforts. Saint Peter’s understands this need and the potential category growth and is launching the MS Degree in Marketing Science with a concentration in Mobile Intelligence to arm future business leaders with the technical and analytical skills to attract, retain and grow their consumer base.

The Master of Science in Marketing Science with a Specialization in Mobile Intelligence marketing science program is offered on ground and online.


This Master of Science in Marketing Science Graduate Degree program is the premiere marketing science STEM program that leverages the breakthroughs in machine learning using big data and predictive modeling that have revolutionized identification of customers ready to buy.

Our MS marketing science program provides thought leadership on the transformation of advertising in the areas of consumer psychology, customer analytics and digital marketing. The Marketing Science master’s degree teaches the newest marketing technologies showing how businesses can outmaneuver competitors by selecting digital marketing channels that leverage artificial and mobile intelligence, location-targeting and social media listening to surgically target consumers.

At A Glance
Degree: Master of Science in Marketing Science with a Specialization in Mobile Intelligence
Course Location: Jersey City Campus, Online
Program Duration: 36 Credits: A full‐time student taking 12 credits/trimester on a should complete in 1.5 years.
Calendar: Trimester
Course Format: Classes meet in person Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 8:30pm., or can be taken online.

This program is for those students who aspire to take on senior level management positions such as a Chief Marketing Officers or VP/Director positions in advertising agencies.

The MS marketing science graduate degree is designed for students that have backgrounds in Business, Marketing, Data, IT and more. Students will enter the marketplace with the ability to understand critical inquiry through different methods and approaches to evaluating strategies. They will examine the roles of mathematics, analytics, modeling, and consumer psychology in analyzing and interpreting consumer data.

The Saint Peter’s University MS marketing science graduate degree is very unique as it covers, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mobile Data Analysis, and Business. All faculty have industry experience and expertise in Marketing Science as well as mobile intelligence and will bring their knowledge and experience into the classroom. They are passionate about developing students for successfully careers in this growing field.