M.S. in Cyber Security

Accelerated BS/BA to MS in Cyber Security

Interested in a career in Cyber Security? Cyber Security is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges that the U.S. and world economy faces. With every industry becoming increasing dependent on the digital landscape, data assurance and protection against an evolving range of cyber attacks is critical.

The Graduate Cyber Security program combines two areas of focus: Information Systems Security and Assurance as well as Cyber Security and Computer Forensics. Please inquire with Program Director Edward Moskal at emoskal@saintpeters.edu for information on the MS Cyber Security Program.

The Accelerated BS/BA to MS Cyber Security degree program offers several advantages. The program:

  • Accelerates the attainment of an advanced degree
  • Facilitates seamless transition to a master’s degree
  • Increases students’ marketability in the field of Cyber Security
  • Gives students the opportunity to utilize current industry technologies
  • Saves students time and money (first 6 credits are included in full-time undergrad tuition)

Admission Requirements

Entrance into the MS Cyber Security Program is open to those students pursuing the BS in Computer Science, students in the Criminal Justice program if they are pursing a concentration in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, Mathematics majors if they are minoring in Computer Science, and any student from any major that is minoring in Cyber Security or has completed an Internship in the University Cyber Security Center.

Any student may apply to the program if they meet the above criteria and have completed 60 credits, and upon acceptance, take two graduate courses: Cyber Security and Risk Management, Cryptology, International Telcom Networks, Mobile Computing and Wireless, or Legal Aspects and Ethical Concerns within their last 30 credits.

Specific admission requirements include:

  • Successful completion of 60 credits
  • Major GPA of 3.0 or higher and Cognate Course GPA of 3.0 or higher; at the time of application and when the BS degree is completed
  • Complete the BS/BA degree in four (4) years or less
  • Submission of the graduate application, and personal statement (500 words)
  • Official transcript(s) which will be obtained from Enrollment Services
  • Two letters of recommendation from school of Undergraduate Degree
  • An interview may be required

Students may apply to the program by November 1st, but not later than March 1st, prior to their last 30 credits.

Credits and Curriculum

If accepted into the accelerated program, students will take six Cyber Security graduate course credits in either the fall or spring semester within their last 30 credits. Graduate courses taken while an undergraduate are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate and fulfill course requirements for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The bachelor’s degree will be awarded upon successful completion of all requirements for the undergraduate degree.

Note: The University will apply the six graduate credits to the graduate transcript upon completion of 12 additional graduate credits.

Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, students take all graduate courses and will enroll in at least two courses in each of the subsequent semesters until completed. All graduate courses are billed at the graduate tuition rate. Upon successful completion of the remaining graduate credits, the student will be awarded a Master of Science in Cyber Security.