Public Policy / Urban Studies

Public Policy / Urban Studies

Learn what makes a city a city

As a student in the Public Policy Program you will examine Public Policies which have shaped, and are shaping today’s cities. More importantly, you will explore a range of potential policies which can be used to shape our future. Your concern about community conditions and public services is the foundation for an in-depth analysis of the contemporary urban environment.

Prepare for a career

The Public Policy program prepares students to work in community affairs, local, state, or federal government, political office, public or private administration, human resources and urban planning.

You can do it

Our Program is tailored to the special needs of our students who are primarily community activists, public sector workers and people concerned about their communities. Everything from our intensive class scheduling to our curriculum is designed to fit into the lifestyle of a working adult:

  • Classes are conveniently scheduled on Saturdays and evenings for working adults.
  • Students enrolled in the Public Policy Program may qualify for additional financial aid.
  • Obtain a certificate after completing the first-year curriculum.
  • Life experience can count for academic credits.
  • Discuss current social issues.
  • Do fieldwork or an internship in a community or governmental agency.
  • Substitute teach after completing 63 credits.
  • Advance within your present career.
  • Tutoring is available.
  • Benefit from the unique and caring family of students, staff and faculty.

Enter the non-traditional classroom

The first thing you notice about our classroom experience is the teachers use a different approach to education. We call it “experiential learning.” That means that the starting point of our classes is your personal experience. We examine, through your eyes, the life conditions in your community. And then we begin to probe the “whys” of city life – There are many questions raised, but you may be surprised at how many of the answers you already have.