Data Science

Data Science

Master of Science in Data Science with a concentration in Business Analytics

The Need for Data Scientists

With the exponential growth of Big Data over the past few years, the need for Data Scientists becomes more and more pronounced and urgent. Saint Peter’s University now offers a cutting edge academic program to meet such demands and train the next generation of data scientists. The Master of Science in Data Science with a concentration in Business Analytics. Data Science with a focus on Business Analytics is the discipline that integrates scientific methods from statistics, computer science and data-based business management to extract knowledge from data and drive decision making. The Master in Data Science curriculum provides students with a rigorous course of study in Big Data Technologies, applications and practices. The courses range from theories, and tools to applications. Students learn to use tools such as R, SAS, and Weka. Coursework includes statistics, data mining & visualization, machine learning, predictive modeling, decision analysis & optimization, and applications in business, marketing, and information systems using these tools. The capstone of the program is a research project in which students apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in data science to solve real-world business problems. Ethical and leadership considerations will also be explored.

Program Facts

The Data Science program was developed to aligns with “best of industry practice” in Big Data concepts utilized by the Oracle Corporation. The curriculum has tight integration with the most current Oracle Corporation approaches to the management of Big Data technology and business analytics. The Saint Peter’s program represents the current industry benchmarks for the practical application of data science. Oracle Corporation is considered to be the number one Big Data and database company in the world. The Master of Science in Data Science with a concentration in Business Analytics program is a 12 course/36 credit degree and is designed for full and part-time students interested in pursuing careers in industry-specific analytical fields.

Admission Requirements


Unique Location

Saint Peter’s University is fortunate to be located in the heart of Jersey City, which hosts financial giants such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase in its financial district. The New York City financial district also happens to be minutes away thanks to a multitude of public transportation options which make it very easy to travel between Jersey City and New York City. This gives our students the ability to experience what both cities have to offer from a business perspective as well as a cultural one.

Data Science Students at the Regents Business Symposium

Dr. Sylvain Jaume (center) with Data Science students at the Saint Peter’s University 2014 Regents Business Symposium. The Symposium explored the topic, “Why Big Data is a Big Deal.”