Freshman Applicants

Academic Requirements

Admission to Saint Peter’s University is based upon a student’s demonstrated academic performance, academic preparation, and potential for success in college-level study. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis. Students are expected to have a solid preparation for college. This means meeting the demands of academic coursework as well as overall demonstrated good character, and positive citizenship.

Saint Peter’s requires students to have the following academic units:

  • four years of English,
  • three years of college prep math; pre-nursing students are required to have four years of college prep math,
  • two years of history; three total social sciences,
  • two years of a foreign language,
  • three years of science, with at least two years of lab science,
    • Pre-nursing students must have the following science courses: laboratory based biology, laboratory based chemistry, physical science (i.e. Earth Science), any advance level science (physics, anatomy and physiology, Honors/AP level of previously taken science), and
  • at least three additional units in any combination of the subject areas listed above. In exceptional cases, the Committee on Admissions may waive certain unit requirements when the quality of the applicant’s overall record shows promise of success in college-level study.

Ready to Apply?

Follow these easy steps. And, if at any time you have a question about your application, feel free to email: or call: 201-761-7100

Step One: Apply

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You have a choice of which application to submit. Good news, we do not have an application fee!

The Common Application logo.

All International students should use the Common Application or Saint Peter’s International Student Application.  Please refer to the admission requirements for International Students for details.

NOTE:  Should you have a change of address, phone number or email address, PLEASE contact the Office of Admission so we can keep our records up-to-date!

Step Two: Submit Additional Required Documents and Prepare Your Application

In order for your application to be ready for review by an admission counselor, the list of materials below must be submitted. All materials requested to complete your application are required, unless otherwise noted. In some cases we may review an application and determine additional information is needed to complete a decision.

Until all required, or requested materials are received, applications will remain in an “incomplete” status. Upon receipt of materials and assignment of complete status, applications will move to “Under Review”; this means your file is ready to be read by the admission committee.

Here’s what we need to read an application:

  • Completed application form
  • Official high school transcript, or GED score report; strongly recommend senior grades (check in with your counselor if you are able. We can accept emailed documents to from your school counselors or other school official)
  • Official SAT or ACT scores or test-optional essay (Click here to learn more about our test-optional policy)*If you are having trouble getting your scores sent, we can also accept them directly from your high school. If your school does not have a copy of your score report, we can accept a copy of a report that you download from your College Board or ACT account.
    • SAT Code: 2806
    • ACT Code: 2604

    *SAT/ACT test scores are required for the following: pre-nursing, nursing, Honors Program, 5-year accelerated master’s programs. (This requirement is waived for the fall 2022 semester.)

  • Two letters of recommendation
    • School Counselor form
    • Teacher recommendation
  • Personal statement/essay

New, first-year students interested in the Bachelor of Science Nursing program, must apply as freshmen to the one-year pre-nursing track. The application for the pre-nursing track is part of the regular admission process (see application requirements above) and students must indicate Pre-nursing/Nursing as their first-choice major.

At the conclusion of the first year of study at Saint Peter’s, students’ academic progress is evaluated. Students are not required to submit a second application, but will be expected to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress through the pre-nursing curriculum with a cumulative g.p.a of B (3.0) or better. Students must also successfully achieve a score of “Advanced Proficient” on the TEAS V indicating a high level of overall academic preparedness necessary to support learning of nursing-related content.

Admission to the pre-nursing track is selective. Candidates for the BSN program not offered a seat in the pre-nursing track will not be able to transfer internally later.

NOTE: Saint Peter’s University does not accept first-year nursing (pre-nursing) applicants for the January (spring) term.

Students interested in applying as freshmen to any of the 5-year Accelerated Master’s Programs can do so by indicating the program of interest on their application. Students applying to the 5-year program for Accountancy or Education must select the accompanying bachelors program.

Admission to the 5-year program as a freshman is selective, however students may indicate interest, and apply later after completing coursework at Saint Peter’s University. Continuation to graduate level is not binding.

Saint Peter’s University automatically reviews all applicants for invitation to the Honors Program. The program is selective requiring a minimum cumulative gpa of 3.5 or better with evidence of academic rigor and advanced achievement. Additionally, students are required to have a competitive SAT/ACT test score*. While the University uses a minimum SAT/ACT to identify potential candidates, students with test scores below the minimum may be invited to the Honors Program based on academic excellence in other areas.

Students invited to the Honors Program may opt to enroll at the University without participating in the Honors Program. Students not offered admission as first year students may request a review into the program at the conclusion of the first semester or first year of study; a Saint Peter’s University g.p.a. of 3.5 or better is required for consideration.

Step Three: Waiting for an Admission Decision

Waiting can be the hardest part!

Notification of the admissions decision is made on a rolling basis once the admissions file is complete. Please make sure you are logging into your applicant portal in addition to keeping an eye on your email, and mailbox because we may need to contact you during the review process. If we do, please follow up on the request. If you have any questions about materials, or the review process, please contact us. Admission Counselors are here to help!

Once an admission decision has been made you will receive notification; all communication will released electronically through the applicant portal.

Contact Information for the Office of Admission

Mailing Address
Saint Peter’s University
Office of Admission – Lee House
2641 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Credentials can be sent electronically; we are able to receive e-documents from:

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • Naviance
  • Parchment
  • Scoir
  • WES