Saint Peter's University

Pre-College Programs

They say well begun is half done.

That’s why we help you prepare for college while you’re still in high school. Academic monitoring and counseling. Workshops. Events. EOF program for academically and financially disadvantaged students. Even Evening study sessions.

Academic Success Program
The Summer Academy at Saint Peter’s University provides the entering Saint Peter’s University freshman with an introduction to college life and the opportunity to begin a successful college career.

Special Program for Credit (SPFC)
This program is designed for academically talented high school juniors and seniors. SPFC offers students the unique opportunity to earn college credits for advanced course-work completed in their high school.

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
EOF provides the opportunity for economically and academically disadvantaged students to attend college in New Jersey. This program offers access to higher education to students who meet the academic and financial guidelines established by the State of New Jersey and Saint Peter’s University.