In January of 2023, Saint Peter’s University was awarded a $50,000 grant from the FY23 Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program.

Hunger-Free campuses must fulfill several requirements, such as creating a task force to address hunger, helping students register for SNAP benefits, and providing at least one physical food pantry in a stigma-free environment.

Saint Peter’s University utilized this funding to develop and expand its internal capacity to combat food insecurity on campus and better serve students. We enhanced our outreach to generate awareness of hunger, and promote related, stigma-free programming available to students.  These include our Campus Kitchen, University Food Pantry, emergency funds, and meal vouchers to be used at our campus dining hall.

Through the Campus Kitchen and University Food Pantry we continue to grow our efforts in addressing hunger and food insecurity with the grant.  The Campus Kitchen provides nutritious cooked meals and the food pantry provides nonperishable food to members of the Hudson County community who are food insecure

“In the United States, 22 percent of college students experience food insecurity. We currently serve about 650 meals each week to lessen the number of students, families, and communities who are impacted by food insecurity.” – Erich Sekel – Director of Community Service