Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs Monthly Archives: April 2013

Laura Twersky, Biology

April 2013 – Laura Twersky and her students, Jennifer Gabarro ’14 and Katherine Borbon ’14 were awarded first place yesterday at the undergraduate poster session at the New Jersey Academy of Science for their research titled, “Quantitation of Putative Anti-Angiogenic Combinations of Revseratrol, Ellagic Acid, Quercetin, and Ascorbic Acid Using the Chicken Embryonic Chorioallantoic Membrane […]

Joshua Feinberg, Psychology

April 2013 – Joshua Feinberg presented two posters with four students at the Eastern Psychological Association meeting in Manhattan in March. Yanitsa Toneva “Variability as an Estimate of Creative Performance” Alberto Groves, Jr., Fiona Callagy, and Bernadette Lamey “How Winning or Losing Affects Perception of Peer Cheating” Joshua Feinberg also had a journal article published. Heman, […]

Frederick Bonato, Psychology

April 2013 – Frederick Bonato, Executive Officer, hosted the 84th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in March in Manhattan. Besides organizing and running the meeting, he also presented two posters, “Motion Sickness and the Visual Perceptual Framework” and “E-Shrooms and Reading Comprehension.” with Andrea Bubka, Psychology, and Nor Theresa Galang, ’13. Frederick Bonato and […]

Andrea Bubka, Psychology

April 2013 – Andrea Bubka presented two posters at the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) March meeting in Manhattan, “Motion Sickness and the Visual Perceptual Framework” and “E-Shrooms and Reading Comprehension.” Her collaborators were Frederick Bonato, Psychology, and Nor Theresa Galang, ’13. Andrea Bubka and 20 Psychology students in the Psychology Club and Psi Chi organized the […]

Maryellen Hamilton, Psychology

April 2013 – Maryellen Hamilton presented the following four posters with five Psychology students at the Eastern Psychological Association March meeting in Manhattan. Ambre Hriso “Categorizing Pictures and Words that Vary on Their Semantic and Visual Relatedness” Mahum Hashmi “Examining Repeated Color and Repeated Shape Effects in Visual Short Term Memory” Krystal M. Rodriguez “Examining Extreme […]

Fatima Shaik, Communications

April 2013 – Fatima Shaik went to India and spoke at a program sponsored by the American Center and Aspen Institute. The event was covered by the Telegraph newspaper in Kolkata and FirstPost.  https://www.firstpost.com/world/my-granddad-the-bengali-peddler-an-african-american-writer-finds-her-roots-696565.html

Kathleen Monahan, English

April 2013 – Kathleen Monahan presented a paper, “Too Close for Comfort:  Hawthorne and Nature in Brook Farm and The Blithedale Romance,” at the College English Association Conference. The meeting was April 4-6 in Savannah, GA.

Nina Shapiro, Economics

April 2013 – Nina Shapiro’s paper, “Josef Steindl: un economist del suo tempo,” was published in Moneta e Credito, 65(260) in December 2012, pp. 293-315. This is an Italian translation of her article, “Josef Steindl: An Economist of His Times,” published in PLS Quarterly Review, 65(261) in June 2012, pp. 167-187. Nina Shapiro also presented […]