Faculty Development

Faculty Travel

Travel Funds for Conferences and Professional Meetings

Limited funds for attendance at scholarly meetings or conventions are available to full-time faculty members from the Office of the Faculty Development. The amount of funds available per faculty member will vary each year. To ensure that funds are available, you must reserve your allotment in advance. These funds are subject to the following limitations:

  • The faculty member must be presenting a paper, or be an officer of the organization that is meeting, or be a presider over at least a portion of the meeting.
  • An annual dollar limit per faculty member to be determined based on current fiscal conditions.
  • Upon returning, all original receipts supporting allowable expenses must be submitted to Rebecca Conley, Director of Faculty Research and Development, along with a signed Travel Expense Report, within 45 days of completion of travel or by June 1 (whichever comes first); for travel occurring in the month of June, contact Rebecca Conley for special information on handling June travel reimbursements.


Please use the Travel Funds links below for the forms for applying and reimbursement:
Travel Expense Report (PDF)
Request for Travel Funds Form (Word Document)