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NJ Transit Student Discount Portal

NJ Transit offers a special Quik -Tik program for full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) to purchase monthly transportation passes at a discounted student rate. Use your SPIRIT ID number to verify eligibility.

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Are there any fees or deadlines for Quik-Tik?

Yes. A non-refundable $3.00 processing fee will be applied each month, in addition to the fare for the pass.  The deadline for opting in (or out) of the online program is the 10th day of the previous month (i.e. students who are looking to enroll for the month of September must place an online order by August 10th and must be registered as a full-time student at that time).

Who can I contact for help?

Please contact Quik-Tik customer service at 866-Quik-Tik (866-784-5845.)  The Quik-Tik program is overseen by NJTransit (

Commuter students have an advocate in the Student Life and Development area.  If you need guidance you may call Lisa Burns at 201-761-7360.

How Does Quik-Tik Work?

Quik-Tik is an alternative to purchasing a monthly pass from a ticket vending machine or ticket agent. You may pay by credit  or debit card.  NJ Transit will automatically renew your purchase each month. Your monthly pass will be mailed to you.  You can manage your account online to change your personal/billing information, choose to skip a month, or adjust your itinerary.

Can I buy the discount pass in person?

If you live in NJ and you are traveling to NJ, discount rail passes may be purchased with a student ID at the window at any time in the prior month (ie. you must purchase a September pass BEFORE September 1.)  If you are traveling between NJ and NY you will need Saint Peter’s to provide a letter stating why travel to NY is part of your academic program (ex. internship). If that’s the case you can get a form from the window which will need to be signed by the appropriate people at Saint Peter’s and returned before the 1st of the month. For bus passes you must purchase online in order to get the discount.

I’m logged in to the Quik-Tik website but the discount isn’t showing.

If you have used the Quik-Tik system before and the discount is no longer being applied please be sure that you are logging in with the name you originally signed up with. We are told many students use their parent’s name and credit card. Doing so associates your parent’s name with the account and your SPIRIT ID. When you attempt to sign in as yourself the NJTransit system notices the name doesn’t match the ID number in their system and the discount doesn’t get applied. If this might be the problem try logging in with any alternate names you may have used or consult the Quik-Tik office at 866-Quik-Tik.