Center for Microplasma Science and Technology

Visitor’s Guide

The Center for Microplasma Science & Technology (CMST) is a secure facility, operating under Saint Peter’s University secuirty regulations for restricted entry. All visits to the CMST must be pre-approved via written request and notification by responsible staff members. Staff members hosting visitors are responsible for ensuring that all security requirements are met in accordance with Saint Peter’s Campus Safety.

Entry/ID Requirements

Visitors must present photo identification to the Campus Safety receptionists, sign the visitor’s register, receive the appropriate badge, and remain under escort unless otherwise authorized by Campus Safety. Questions regarding the status of a visitor’s access to the Saint Peter’s University and the CMST should be directed to Campus Safety, telephone (201) 761-7400, or the CMST Director’s Office, telephone  (201) 761-7923.


Visitors should park in the designated visitor parking lot closest to the building where the meeting is being held (see Campus Maps) unless directed elsewhere by their CMST point of contact. When leaving the campus, visitors should ask the Security Officer for the appropriate exit of the parking lot.

Network Coverage

CMST uses the campus local area network (LAN) which provides Internet access either through ethernet cable connection or wireless access. Guest ethernet cable connection  can be accessed by simply plugging to existing campus enthernet ports. The guest user should set their LAN settings to ‘Automatically detect settings’. A guest wireless network is further available for general use by visitors to CMST facilities. This network provides Internet access, can be used to send encrypted communications, and supports 802.11 b//g. Access to the network requires a Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key and a Guest user password. Visitors will need to set up a “guest” network name or Service Set Identifier (SSID) through their wireless configuration utility using the WEP key.