The Center for Undocumented Students

The Center for Undocumented Students


The mission of TCUS is to support the academic work of undocumented students at the University, to shed intellectual light on the political and economic realities of immigration in our world today and to create a community where undocumented students feel welcome. TCUS will work with community organizations, government agencies, high schools and other Jesuit colleges and universities to create better access to higher education and increase retention rates among undocumented youth.

Statement from President Cornacchia: Opening the Door to Dreamers

What we do

Located within the Social Justice House, TCUS offers a welcoming space for students to gather. In collaboration with various non-profit organizations, we provide legal support to Saint Peter’s students who are undocumented, DACAmented, TPS holders, or come from mixed status families. We offer on-campus meetings and consultations with immigration attorneys, as well as distribution of “know your rights” materials. Considering the whole person, we also offer mental health support to students through talking circles and individual counseling, generously offered through partnerships with local health care organizations and retired faculty. Working closely with campus ministry, we offer spiritual retreats and opportunities for reflection. In coordination with various campus departments, we also provide opportunities for mentorship, internships, and work-study employment where available.

To the campus community, we provide awareness training and workshops on immigration topics to staff, student leaders, and faculty. We work with student organizations, allied departments, and community groups on educational and advocacy-oriented events to inform and inspire change work in support of immigrant communities. We see this work as in line with our Jesuit values and Catholic social teachings; as such, we collaborate with the Ignatian Solidarity Network, Saint Aeden’s Migrant Center, and the social ministries division of the regional Jesuit province.


  • Welcoming space
  • Legal support
  • Scholarship information
  • Staff and faculty training
  • Workshops for students and families
  • Advising and mentoring
  • Advocacy opportunities
  • Healing circles and mental health support
  • Internships
  • “Know your rights” workshops and materials

Getting involved

Check out our upcoming events through our social media pages, or contact for more information.

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