Campus Services

Campus Services

Campus Services consists of Cleaning Services (contracted to Collins Building Services), Facilities (contracted to ARAMARK) Mail Room/Printing (129 Glenwood) and Telephone Services. Other support functions performed by Campus Services include contracting, project work, construction, and vending.

Campus Services works to extend the life of University buildings, protect and maintain University assets, assist with construction projects and promote environmental sustainability.

The Campus Services Division supports the University’s mission through the provision and stewardship of safe, clean, efficient, effective and well-maintained facilities, and grounds. We are dedicated to excellence and making a positive difference in the lives of the students, our employees, and our customers throughout the University.

We take our jobs seriously and make every effort to provide the best services possible to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Under our present approach to providing services, we are working hard to ensure full accountability for quality, cost-effectiveness, and response to customers.

Maintenance Requests

Members of the University Community may submit a Request for Maintenance online.

Please do not use this form for extermination requests for the residence halls.  Instead, contact Karen in Residence Life at (201) 761-7130 or

Key Authorization Request

Request copies of keys with the Key Authorization Request form.  Because it requires signatures it must be printed, completed, and returned to University Services.