Media Alert – Former Superior Court Judge & Criminal Justice Professor Available For Comment On Trayvon Martin Case

Kevin Callahan, J.D. ’69, a professor of criminal justice at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J. and a retired Hudson County Superior Court judge is available to discuss various topics in relation to the Zimmerman trial.

Among related topics, Callahan can discuss:

  • Details behind the case
  • The development of the Stand Your Ground laws and individuals’ rights under the laws
  • Personal perspective on decisions in the courtroom
  • Potential causes of the social upheaval as a result of the verdict
  • Impact of waiting 45 days before the arrest of Zimmerman

“The issue that I have found trying hundreds and hundreds of murder and felony cases is that unless you are in that courtroom living through it and hearing the testimony, you can get a different picture of what the situation is compared to what it actually is in the courtroom,” said Callahan. “It is an emotional and subjective. There is a senseless, needless death of a young man and in this country we feel someone should be accountable for a death. However I have tried a lot of cases where in the press it doesn’t even look like the case I am trying.”

Retired Hudson County Superior Court Judge Kevin Callahan, J.D., presided over more than 25,000 criminal felony cases and tried more than 600 felony cases, including more than 200 homicide cases. He recently retired as the senior criminal judge in New Jersey with 25 years of service in the division. Callahan has written more than 1,000 decisions regarding felony crimes within the New Jersey court system and has taught State and local judges and attorneys for the past 25 years in New Jersey and at various universities and institutions.

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