Accelerated College Experience (ACE)

An Opportunity for High School Students to Earn College Credits with Saint Peter’s University

Accelerated College Experience (ACE) Program
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Our Mission

The Accelerated College Experience (ACE) program at Saint Peter’s University directly supports NJ 18A:61C-1, to “establish a program to promote increased cooperation between the State’s high schools and institutions of higher education. The program shall increase the availability of college-level instruction for high school students through courses offered by institutions of higher education at their campuses and in high schools. The program shall seek the involvement of all institutions of higher education, two-year and four-year, public and nonpublic, and all school districts, including those which are not located in close proximity to an appropriate institution of higher education.”

Saint Peter’s University is proud to foster and develop opportunities for student success through our high school partnerships through the ACE Program.

The ACE Program provides:

  • Advanced, rigorous coursework
  • Enhanced student motivation and engagement
  • Opportunity to attend classes on a college campus
  • Experience of higher expectations and success
  • Greater preparedness and college confidence
  • Enhanced performance in college
  • Higher persistence and retention, grade point average (GPA), and credit accumulation
  • Reduced time to degree completion

Subjects include Mathematics, Computer science, Biology, Physics, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Communication, Music and Art. Students can take courses at their respective high schools (certified) or directly with Saint Peter’s University (web or on-campus). There are two avenues available for high school students to obtain college credit: ACE or ACE Dual Enrollment.

Review the High School Partnerships tab to see your high school’s specific agreements with SPU.

Don’t see your school? High schools interested in developing a NEW partnership with the ACE Program at Saint Peter’s University are encouraged to email

ACE or ACED: What is the difference?

Accelerated College Experience (ACE)

ACE is designed for academically talented high school juniors and seniors. ACE offers students the unique opportunity to earn 18-21 college credits for advanced course-work completed during high school. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in their ACE courses in order to receive Saint Peter’s University credit and to continue in the program.

Accelerated College Experience (ACED) Dual Enrollment

ACE Dual Enrollment (referred to as Dual Enrollment) is an enhanced, comprehensive program that blends high school and college in a rigorous yet supportive program, enabling students to earn an associate’s degree by the time they graduate from high school.

The program is designed for a select group of high-achieving high school sophomores based upon academics, pre-ACT scores and the recommendation of the staff and administration of the high school partner. The students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and are reviewed at the end of each academic year for eligibility to continue in the program.

University-High School Partnerships

Saint Peter’s University has partnerships with high schools inside Hudson County and beyond. The number of partnerships is growing every year!

High Schools ACE ACED Course Type
Allentown High School x Certified at Allentown
BelovED Community Charter School x On-Campus at SPU + Web/Online
County Prep* TBD
Hudson County Schools of Tech* TBD
Cranford High School x Certified at Cranford
Glen Ridge High School x WEB/Online
Hoboken Charter* TBD
Hudson Catholic Regional High School x x ANY + Dual enrollment leading to the A.A. Social Sciences
McNair Academic High School x Certified + WEB/Online
Mount Olive High School* TBD
Saint Dominic Academy x On-Campus at SPU
Saint Joseph’s Academy*
Saint Peter’s Prep x Certified at Prep
Secaucus High School x x Certified at Secaucus + WEB/Online + Dual enrollment leading to the
A.A. Social Sciences or A.S. Health Science
Union High School* TBD
Weehawken High School TBD

Sample Course Offerings

Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing

Communication Basics

Web Page Development

Introduction to Criminology

Contemporary Fiction
Introduction to English Composition
Poetry & Drama

Differential Calculus
Integral Calculus

General Biology/General Biology Lab
General Physics/General Physics Lab
Forensic Science

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Psychology

Intro to Sociology
Perspective on Politics
Economics (Micro/Macro)

Introduction to the Visual Arts
Introduction to Music

Course Types

WEB/Online – Sections are fully online following the SPU academic calendar dates. Students are expected to be present in class virtually regardless of their High School break schedule.

On-Campus/In-Person – Numbered (01, 02) Sections are our fully in-person courses. Students registered for these courses are expected to be physically on-campus and in their designated classrooms at the proper time. Failure to adhere to attendance and late policies will result in failing grades deemed appropriate by the instructor.

Certified – Pre-approved courses are taught at the high school for college credit. The student’s final grade will be submitted to ACE staff and posted on their official college transcript.

Tips to ACE this program!

  • Remain diligent about communicating with your professor(s) regarding complications with the online course and to closely follow the provided syllabus for each course.
  • Be active participants in your courses, adhere to the course syllabus, coursework in a timely manner, and follow the SPU academic calendar for pertinent dates including midterms and finals.

Process for Creating a University-High School Partnership and Certification of Courses

Official contracts between Saint Peter’s University and the high school are drawn specifying which courses are available and eligible for college-credits, based on the instructor’s credentials and course content. High school teachers must possess academic credentials qualifying them to be considered a college adjunct, subject to approval by the department chair. The courses taught at the high school site must meet the same competencies and rigors as the courses at Saint Peter’s University in order to receive college credit. The instructor’s curriculum vitae/resume and the course syllabus will be submitted for review to the respective department chairs.

Transferring Your Credits

Students who choose to attend Saint Peter’s University for their undergraduate education will automatically receive academic credit toward their undergraduate degree for their ACE courses with grades of “C” or higher. ACE students who decide to attend another college or university should check with the respective admission office to determine transferability. To request an official transcript from Saint Peter’s University, please follow the instructions listed on this page.

Let’s Get Started

High schools interested in developing a NEW partnership with the ACE Program at Saint Peter’s University are encouraged to email

Upcoming Events/Deadlines

Check back later for updates from the ACE Program!

ACE Questions & Answers

What is the ACE Program?

The Accelerated College Experience (ACE) program is designed for academically talented high school juniors and seniors interested in fast tracking their education by granting them the unique opportunity to earn up to 18 college credits for advanced course-work.

Additionally, ACE students who choose to attend Saint Peter’s University post-graduation will automatically receive academic credit toward their undergraduate degree.

Why would ACE Interest me?

Once you have registered for a college course, you are a Saint Peter’s University college student! This means that you can enjoy the rights and privileges associated with this status.

You have access to student support services, will be invited to the ACE Conference for Leadership, Career and College Preparation and will have priority consideration for our Summer Honors College.

Students enrolled in ACE will be eligible to utilize Saint Peter’s facilities including the library and student center.

What subjects are offered for ACE students?

ACE students can study the following subjects:

Mathematics Political Science
Computer Science Sociology
Biology, Physics Communication
Economics Music
Psychology Art
What can I do with my college credits if I decide not to attend Saint Peter’s University?

ACE Students who earn a grade of “C” or better in their ACE courses will receive college level credits from Saint Peter’s University. Once you’ve earned these credits they are yours and are not exclusive to SPU.

Your credits are then eligible for transfer to the higher education institution of your choosing. We advise students to speak with their prospective schools to confirm how many transfer credits are accepted.

How do I transfer my credits from SPU to other institutions?
How much will the ACE program cost me?

ACE courses are priced per credit and are determined by your respective high school. The average cost for a 3-credit course can range from $150-$225.

Additionally, any ACE student who enrolls full-time at Saint Peter’s University post-graduation is automatically considered for an ACE Scholarship Award.

When is enrollment?

ACE courses are held throughout the year in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions. We work with your current school to solidify enrollment dates that do not conflict with your current academic schedule.

Where can I apply?

Prospective students can access the Accelerated College Experience Program application here.

Contact Us

Accelerated College Experience Program
p: (201) 761-6040

Mailing Address
2641 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
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