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Associate Professor of Mathematics

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About Dr. Nelson

Before arriving at Saint Peter’s University in 2014, Dawn Nelson was a high school mathematics teacher, an editor of mathematics textbook and journals, a mathematics graduate student, and a visiting assistant professor at Bates College. Although Dr. Nelson grew up and went to school in Massachusetts, she now enjoys the diversity and variety around her new home in Brooklyn NY. When she isn’t working, Dr. Nelson can be found making pottery, crocheting, and listening to audiobooks.

“I believe students learn math by doing math. Thus it is my job to create optimal conditions for doing math. I strive to establish a culture in which students are comfortable asking questions and sharing ideas, and in which they are not afraid to make mistakes. I also encourage students to think actively about the subject and not passively accept what is said. Throughout the semester, I give my students frequent opportunities to discuss, make mistakes, think independently, and ultimately succeed.”

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Career & Accomplishments


  • Brandeis University, Ph.D.

  • Williams College, B.A.


A Note on Monovariants and Minimal Fibonacci Representations
M. Catral, P.L. Ford, P.E. Harris, S.J. Miller, D. Nelson – Metropolitan New York Section of the Mathematical Association of America, 2017

On the asymptotic behavior of variance of PLRS decompositions
SJ Miller, D. Nelson, Z Pan, H Xu – arXiv preprint arXiv:1607.04692, 2016

New behavior in legal decompositions arising from non-positive linear recurrences
M.C., P.L. Ford, P. E. Harris, S.J. Miller, D. Nelson, Z. Pan, H. Xu – arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.09309, 2016

Legal decompositions arising from non-positive linear recurrences
M. Catral, P.L. Ford, P.E. Harris, S. J. Miller, D. Nelson – arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.09312, 2016

Generalizing Zeckendorf’s theorem: the Kentucky sequence
M. Catral, P. Ford, P. Harris, S.J. Miller, D. Nelson – arXiv preprint arXiv:1409.0488, 2014

Bin Decompositions
D. Nelson, D. Gotshall, PHarris, M. Vega, C. Voigt


Fall 2022 Semester

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