Campus Ministry

Honduras and Ecuador

Prior Reflection Books: 14 Days of Solidarity With Our Partners

“Having the opportunity to be part of the Global Outreach team to Honduras in 2004 has served as a reminder as to what I want to do in life. Social justice will definitely play a role in whatever it is I choose to do. During our time there, we focused on teaching the children English, and visited families who were affected by the devastating Hurricane Mitch. They lost everything, and we were there just to lend an ear, and to show that someone out there cares.

Although I am unable to make a second trip this year, I now work in Campus Ministry assisting in coordinating this year’s trip, and to share stories with the team on how important their presence is in Honduras. Their job does not end when they return but only begins by spreading awareness to everyone, and to continue helping those less fortunate. Of course, it depends on what we define as less fortunate for I was so inspired by the wonderful Hondurans who had almost nothing but were still able to keep a smile on their faces. They’ve reminded me what really are the most precious and priceless things in this world. It is not our choice but our obligation to help our fellow human beings!” – Reflection by: Rabia Sattaur