Samana Bhatta ’12,’13

I have called Saint Peter’s my second home since I moved here from Kathmandu, Nepal in August 2008 as an international student. I completed my undergraduate degree in Accounting and Economics in 2012 and decided to stay one more year to complete my Master’s in Accounting.

I remember coming here as a freshman who was unaware not only about the school, but also about the culture and surroundings. My friends, professors, and other professionals at Saint Peter’s have been phenomenal in helping me adjust. I went to see Dr. Peter Gotlieb as per the suggestion of my professors in my freshman year. Since then, not only has he helped me connect with professionals in my field, but also given various advice for my career that have made major differences. With his help, I was able to get an internship in the Tax department at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. in May 2009. I learned so much in my three years there and met people who are my friends and mentors to this day. I was also heavily involved on campus with the school newspaper, Resident Assistant position, and other activities. Every single one of these experiences has helped me grow on some level.

Saint Peter’s also has a very strong alumni base. Sharon Morissey and Jenny Campbell in the Advancement Office have been ever so helpful in helping me connect with alumni. After completing my undergraduate studies, I started another Accounting internship at Public Service Enterprise Group (PSE&G) while going to school for my Master’s. Mr. Mark Kahrer, Director of Business Performance and Improvement at PSE&G and also the Chair of the Board of Regents at Saint Peter’s, is an alumni who has been the greatest mentor for my career. He is one of the biggest well wishers of Saint Peter’s and its students.

While I was doing my Graduate studies, I was also a Graduate Assistant at the Office of Residence Life. This office is really where I learned to be a true leader. I cannot thank them enough for their overall support for my educational, professional, and personal development. Today, I have graduated with my MS in Accounting and I have accepted an offer to start a full time position in the Tax Department at Ernst & Young. I am very excited to be taking this big step towards bigger things in my career. This was possible with the continued guidance and support of Mr. Crescenzo Fonzo, Director of Career Services, and Mr. Mark Kahrer, as well as my co-worker Denise Martinetti.

There are many names that come to my mind when I think of people that I must thank for who I am today and they include my friends, family, professors, co-workers, mentors, etc. I consider myself very fortunate for that and every single student at Saint Peter’s is just as fortunate. I highly encourage them to meet Mr. Fonzo and Dr. Gotlieb for career advice and to not hesitate to meet new people and build new relationships. Your hard work will always lead to success if you are willing to make it happen.