Jessica Garcia ’17

Jessica Garcia '17 headshot.

“I’m involved in six clubs on campus. Me gusta las oportunidades que me hadado con todos las actividades después de las clases como los clubes.”

Criminal Justice started off as my minor and I made it my major, I flipped it with psychology. I felt immediately intrigued by the case studies – Social Deviance and Criminal Procedure was one of my favorite classes. I want to go into the FBI as a profiler, so Criminal Justice plus mixing in Psychology, well, you know how the court system works, and you can interrogate anyone at anytime.

What do I want to do when I graduate? There are so many kinds of jobs. I want the FBI and to understand how a person’s mind works. I can be a lawyer or a victim’s advocate. I’m starting an internship this fall with the Jersey City Youth Court Program. I got the internship through my criminal justice professor, Judge Callahan. It’s a long process to get into the FBI, I want to make sure I have a backup.  

I just started living in the residence hall my junior year. I enjoy it because of how involved I am on campus – I’m involved in six clubs on campus. I am also Vice President of SOCA, Students of Caribbean Ancestry. We have a lot of members. We’re known for the Flag Party. You come and represent the country that you are from with that country’s flag. It’s surprising but a lot of the time you would never have known that a particular student was from a certain place. It just shows you how diverse the Saint Peter’s campus is.

I’ve spent half my life in New Jersey and half in New York City. I’m Dominican and bilingual. I go back to the Dominican Republic when I can. I chose Saint Peter’s because of the scholarship; that and my first day coming onto campus. I walked by the fountain and saw a bunch of kids playing, and you don’t see that everywhere. It reminded me of home. It gave me a feeling of community.

Everywhere I go at Saint Peter’s there’s always a smiling face. It’s really welcoming. I feel like, oh yay, I’m welcome! When I go back home to the Bronx I have to put back on my stern face.