Christina Cardenas ’14 and ’12

Saint Peter’s has been my home for the past 7 years. Career Services gave me the opportunity to earn experience and learn the importance of planning ahead. I was certain that I would study mathematics, until facing many struggles, my first supervisor, the late Mrs. Evelyn Herbert, encouraged me to utilize the Discover program (now Kuder Journey program) to see what major would better suit my interests. Accountancy and Business were the results and this spurred my change in major and career path. As I continued working, my career path became clearer. In the Summer 2010, Dr. Peter Gotlieb assisted me in obtaining an internship at Housing Authority of the City of Bayonne, which lasted four years. I started in the inspections department and was transferred as the intern within the accountancy department. Through this internship I was able to gain hands on experience alongside a CPA certified accountant. I would have not had the opportunity to achieve this mile stone had it not been for the confidence and training I had from Career Services and Cooperative Education & Internships. In May of 2012 I earned my Bachelors’ Degree in Accountancy. In the Fall of 2013 I was able to participate with On-Campus Recruiting for accounting. The Career Services office gave me the training and skills to excel in the On-Campus Recruiting interviews. I was fortunate to be offered a full-time position with CohnReznick, which I will be starting in November 2014.

Career Services is the reason I have been able to reach and accomplish many goals. If it was not for the Director, Enzo Fonzo, to believe in me to be his Office Assistant and Graduate Assistant, I would have not accomplished as much as I have. These opportunities helped me gain experience and build my confidence as a student and employee. I truly encourage students to start as early as their freshman year in speaking with the Cooperative Education & internships Program and the Office of Career Services. Starting early to plan for your future is important! Companies seek for students to hold internships within their fields of study. The early you start this, the sooner you will know if you are in the right career path. Career Services helped me figure out where I really should be. Without their help, I would still be trying to figure out what to do. Both these offices are there to provide you with guidance, but you have to do your part too. You have to be willing to help yourself before someone else can. Ask questions, be persistent, and never give up. Although, life will throw you obstacles; it is how you get through them that will determine your strength. Work hard and seeking the right help will guide you to your career path.