Ziyan (Jane) Cheng, M.S.

Adjunct Faculty of Data Science

About Professor Cheng

Professor Cheng is seasoned professional as a Data & Application Architect/Data Engineer with expertise in big data solutions for the financial industry. Her experience involves all phases of data pipeline processing, alongside harvesting, storing, cleaning, moving, analyzing, visualizing, and predicting data.

Her philosophy of dealing with data challenges (data variety/volume/velocity) is to: create solution, not infrastructure, break problems into smaller pieces and deliver data insights, choose the right tools for traditional analytics and big data analytics, build solutions which can scale using the right tools to guarantee characters (elastic, available, reliable, and secure), Construct systems that share data.

Her extensive knowledge and experience in data allows her to contribute greatly in the IT industry as well as education.

“Learning through more hands on coding and practice, enjoy you learning.”

Career & Accomplishments


  • NJIT, Masters in EE and Computer engineering