Vijay Voddi, M.S.

Director of Data Science Programs

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Prof. Vijay Kumar Reddy Voddi, Director of Data Science Programs, boasts a solid foundation in academia and industry. Before commencing his university career, he meticulously honed his skills as a Data Scientist and Data Engineer at Vanguard Inc., making significant contributions to data-driven solutions. Further enhancing his expertise, he served as a Data Scientist at Deutsche Bank, where he adeptly applied his analytical skills to gain insights into financial landscapes. His journey began as a Jr Data Scientist at eCloud Labs, a valuable stepping stone to his illustrious career.

With an unwavering ardor for education and a richly diverse professional background, he directs his fervor toward mentoring students, propelling research, and nurturing global alliances within the ever-evolving realm of data science. His academic voyage stands as a testament to his unceasing pursuit of knowledge, with a work-in-progress Ph.D. in Data Science that augments his Master’s in Data Science, strategically augmented with a Business Analytics specialization. His journey commenced in Computer Science Engineering, complemented by a Diploma in Data Science, reinforcing his formidable expertise.

Beyond his affinity for data, his dedication extends to the profound guidance and mentorship of students along their academic trajectories, underscored by active engagement in university committees and the facilitation of international collaborations. His foray into research is marked by multifaceted endeavors, including the notable Citi Bike and Electric cars projects, emblematic of his commitment to innovative solutions. Proficiency in multiple languages, including English, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi, underscores his conviction in the potency of effective communication as a bridge across boundaries, fostering meaningful connections.

Outside the realm of academia, Prof. Vijay is a passionate sports enthusiast, boasting a national-level ranking in Badminton and a seasoned reputation as a Tennis player with a rank of 3.5 S. In addition to these pursuits, he actively engages in Cricket leagues and relishes the competitive play of Pickleball.

Career & Accomplishments


  • MS in Data Science

  • PHD in Data Science (in process)

Awards and Honors

  • Inducted into Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) Honors Society


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Bizel, G., Parmar, C., Singh, K., Teegala, S., & Kumar Reddy Voddi, V. (2021). Cultural Health Moments: A Search Analysis During Times of Heightened Awareness to Identify Potential Interception Points with Digital Health Consumers. Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, 4(4), p35.