Carmelo (Carmine) Tabone, M.A.

Adjunct Lecturer of Master of Public Administration


Carmine Tabone, Executive Director of the Educational Arts Team, directs a city-wide arts integration program demonstrating learning strategies and lessons to teachers on ways to make literacy engaging and accessible for their students.

He designed, implemented and documented a series of three USDOE Arts in Education projects (2005-2014) that showed the effectiveness of arts integration for academic and social learning.

He has been an adjunct professor at New York University where he received his MA in theater education. He has written numerous articles on the use of action methods in the classroom and holds an Ed. S. from Seton Hall University.

Carmine and Bob Albrecht, media professor at NJCU, have recently completed a book, The Arts and Play as Educational Media in the Digital Age (Peter Lang, forthcoming).

Career & Accomplishments


  • Seton Hall University, Ed.S.

  • New York University, M.A.